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The S3OAR Scholarship Program

The Sustainable Scalable Scholarships Opportunities Achievements Results or S3OAR program is funded by the National Science Foundation. The program will award 36 scholarships per year to freshmen at Ferris State University pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Each scholarship recipient will be awarded up to $10,000, renewable for up to four years. Academically talented students with financial need, particularly those from underrepresented groups in STEM such as first-generation students, ethnic minorities, women, and students with disabilities, are encouraged to apply.

Activities and Opportunities for S3OAR Scholars

Living/Learning Communities

S3OAR Scholars will be housed together in STEM wings of residence halls on campus, with other S3OAR students who are enrolled in similar majors. In addition, each S3OAR Scholar will be part of a learning community, such that they will be enrolled in at least three classes, including a freshman seminar, which are shared with other S3OAR Scholars.

Career Exploration

During their freshman year, S3OAR Scholars will take advantage of career exploration opportunities. These may include conducting collaborative research with faculty members or taking part in job-shadowing experiences related to their intended careers. Students will gain a strong advantage from these experiences as they prepare themselves for future educational and/or career pathways.


S3OAR Scholars and their families will participate in the university’s standard orientation program. In addition, they will take part in an additional, two-hour session designed exclusively for them. The session will provide an opportunity for the Scholars to meet their faculty mentors, STEM department leaders, and, most importantly, each other.


During their freshman year, S3OAR Scholars will be assigned to an academic advisor who is specific to their discipline. In addition, each S3OAR Scholar will be associated with a special faculty mentor who is associated with the S3OAR program.

Freshman Seminars

S3OAR Scholars will enroll in a freshman seminar, designed specifically for STEM majors, in their first semester.

Co-curricular and Enrichment Opportunities

S3OAR Scholars will be offered enrichment activities such as industry tours, research presentations by students and/or faculty, interviewing advice from corporate recruiters, guest speakers from outside the university, and various social activities. In addition, S3OAR Scholars will be encouraged to take advantage of the many Registered Student Organizations that exist on campus.

Entrepreneurship Education

In collaboration with the College of Business, FSU will sponsor a three-hour workshop during the students’ second semester of their first year. The workshop will include hands-on activities in which S3OAR Scholars will work in small groups to develop an idea and sketch out a rudimentary business plan.

Who and What Majors Can Apply for the Scholarship

All entering freshmen planning to study in the following majors:

Majors in the College of Arts, Sciences and Education

Majors in the College of Engineering Technology

Scholarship Requirements

To be considered for a S3OAR scholarship, one must:

  • Be a US citizen, permanent resident, national, or refugee
  • Enroll full-time in an associate or baccalaureate program with a major in one of the participating programs
  • Demonstrate financial need as defined by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Demonstrate academic ability or potential. Success in mathematics is an excellent predictor of future STEM performance. Students will need a mathematics ACT of 23 or SAT of 550 to be awarded a scholarship.

How to Apply

Students should indicate their interest in the program by contacting the program at [email protected].

In addition, students must submit Ferris State University’s application for admission, a high school transcript, and a completed FAFSA. Students must sign up virtual interviews to be considered for the scholarship. 

Signup for an Interview

The S3OAR Scholarship Program is generously supported by the National Science Foundation. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation Award No. 1833806.

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