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Residence Halls

Ferris State University offers a number of residence hall options to accommodate your preferences. All halls are completely smoke free, equipped with Ethernet and cable television connections, laundry facilities, and a small kitchenette. Residents born on or after September 1, of the current academic year, or residents who have not lived in university residence halls for two full academic semesters are required to live on campus and have one of the following dining Anytime Meal Plans: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. 

Ferris State University offers different residence options spread across our campus.  Residence Halls are located within one of the following three Zones:

North Campus

North Campus

North Campus includes North Hall, Clark Hall, Vandercook Hall, and Hallisy Hall.  North Campus halls are conveniently located next to the University Center, FLITE, and many academic buildings.  Students typically choose to live on North Campus to be close to their classes, to have a single room (Clark, Vandercook, and Hallisy), or to live in our new residence hall (North Hall, Built in 2017). NORTH CAMPUS HALLS
South Campus

South Campus

South Campus includes Brophy/McNerney Hall, Merrill/Travis Hall, Miller Hall, Ward Hall, and Pickell Hall.  South Campus halls are conveniently located next to the Rock café, The Market, Business and IRC buildings, and Honors.  Students typically choose to live on South Campus to be close to the main dining facility, to live in The DEAL LLC, or to live in honors (Pickell).  Additionally, many of our athletes live on South Campus to be closer to athletic facilities.SOUTH CAMPUS halls


West Campus

West Campus

West Campus includes Cramer Hall, Bond Hall, Puterbaugh Hall, and Henderson Hall.  West Campus halls are conveniently located next to Pharmacy, Allied Health, Optometry, Criminal Justice Academy, Hospitality Management, DPS, and Bishop.  Students typically choose to live on West Campus to be close to the health academic buildings, to live in honors (Puterbaugh and Henderson), to live in a suite style room (Cramer), or to have access to break housing (Bond).  Many of our International students choose to live in Bond Hall to have access to break housing.

west campus halls

Use our interactive housing campus map below to help you deicide where you should live!

  •  Where Should I Live On-Campus?

    Each of our housing options on campus have different features and benefits. Some are closer to academic buildings where others are closer to dining facilities. You might want to know which buildings have quiet areas or which have workout rooms.

    Explore where to live to determine the best fit for you.

  •  What to Bring to Campus

    Now that you are getting ready to move into the residence halls, you are probably wondering what you should bring

  •  Bed Lofts
    Bed Lofts can be brought to certain rooms on campus. All lofts support two mattresses and can help save space in your residence hall room. You may build it yourself or order a kit from Lowes in Big Rapids. Always discuss options with your roommate first.
  •  Honors Halls

    Students must be admitted into the Honors Program to live in the Honors Halls. The majority of Honors rooms are considered single rooms, however, doubles are available.

    The following halls are Honors Halls:

    • Henderson Hall
    • Pickell Hall
    • Puterbaugh Hall
  •  Single Rooms

    In single rooms, students have their own room and share a bathroom with a student of the same gender. Single rooms are available in limited quantities for an additional cost.

    Some single rooms contain two sets of furniture which must remain in the residence hall room. The University will not remove or store room furniture.

    The University will attempt to make all assignment requests, however final determination of room assignments rests with the University. Students assigned single rooms may be assigned a roommate in some instances.

    See housing rates or contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life for details. We do not discriminate based on age, religion, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

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