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Get Involved

On-Campus Involvement Opportunities

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA is our on-campus Student Government Programming Board run by students of the campus. Any on-campus student is automatically a member and can come to the meetings. RHA meets Wednesdays at 8pm, and they are currently via Zoom. Ask your RA or HD for more information on RHA. RHA typically puts programming on like: Bring your Key skate for free, Friends and Family Weekend, etc.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH focuses on Recognition, Service, Leadership, and Volunteering. The group completes several service projects a semester, such as donation drives and the Big Event. NRHH is always looking for new members to join and they meet on Wednesdays at 6pm, and they are currently via Zoom. Any on-campus student can apply to be a member, given they meet the following criteria: 2.5 Cumulative GPA, 2 semesters living on-campus, and positively contributes to the Ferris Housing and Residence Life Community.

Hall Council

Hall Councils are the "local student governments. Essentially, each building/community has a governing body of students. These groups typically develop programs for their buildings, purchase hall upgrades, and give a voice to the students of the building. Hall Councils typically report directly to the staff of the building and RHA.


An RSO is a group of at least five students and one Ferris State employee advisor that share a common interest. An RSO has completed an application and presentation, been approved by a campus committee, and are now recognized by the University to operate on campus and receive special privileges and access to resources.

There are more than 220+ RSO's on campus; with more being created every month. There are groups that are faith based, academic, club sports, Greek, special interest, and more. For more information about RSOs, please check out our website: RSO's

Office of Multicultural Student Services

The Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS) promotes the intellectual understanding and appreciation of diversity, inclusion and social justice by creating opportunities for learning and leadership development for our campus community. In addition, we provide meaningful support to assist in the transition, retention and graduation of our underrepresented student populations. If you would like more information about how to get involved with our leadership development programs, social justice activities, pre-college initiative and cultural heritage celebrations, please contact us at [email protected] or 231-591-2617. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for current programs and events @fsuomss.  For more information about OMSS, visit our website at: OMSS

Greek life

Fraternity & Sorority Life (or often called Greek Life) is an opportunity to join a peer-led, social organization often gaining the sentiment of a family/home away from home. Our organizations represent a wide variety of special interests, community service and philanthropic efforts, campus and community engagement, and build bonds of brotherhood & sisterhood. Each council (and each organization) has their own membership requirements and process to join. We oversee all of the four councils within the Fraternity & Sorority Life area on campus and can be reached at [email protected], on Instagram at @ferris_greeks, on Facebook here:

For more information about specific organizations, visit our Bulldog Connect page which links to all of our active organizations. Ferris State University and all of our organizations are committed to active anti-hazing efforts and do not condone hazing of any level. Academic success, personal and interpersonal development, social responsibility, and life-long friendship are at the core of our organizations goals. For more information, please email [email protected] or visit our website at: Greek Life.

On-Campus Activities

Getting involved on campus helps you build career and personal skills that will help you long after you leave college. You'll meet new people, share ideas, and learn more about yourself and your skills! Whether you attend programs, plan events, or become president of a Registered Student Organization, we can help you GET CONNECTED to your university.

Getting involved gives you the opportunity to meet new people and feel at home. Ferris State offers opportunities, often at little or no cost, that you may not encounter again. Learn to interact with all kinds of people and cultures. Attending activities can be fun and reduce stress. Students who are active in campus activities are more engaged in the campus community and succeed academically. For more information on our campus activities check the campus calendar

Leadership Center

Using the concepts of the social change model for leadership development; leadership education and practice is broken into four phases. Each phase describes the key values to be learned and practiced, along with examples of opportunities currently being offered at Ferris State University. For more information about the Leadership Center, please check out our website: Career and Professional Success

Career Center

Providing opportunities for students to discover their career interests, articulate their skills, and locate internships and employment. The Career center also puts on various job fairs. Students are also able to receive one free interview full attire. For more information about the Career Center, please check out our website: Career and Professional Success


It is a good way to impact your community, discover career options, boost your resume, and make connections with people that can help you during your college education. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please check out our website: Volunteering

Working for housing

Join our team as a Resident Advisor, Community Advisor, or Senior Staff Advisor.  Beyond the opportunities and experiences you gain directly from the job, staff members also receive the ability to work on a committee within the department.  These are the major committees the department offers, however each building typically has smaller in-house committees as well.


As a member of student staff you will be expected to participate in a twice yearly training both in August and January. This training will cover topics such as the Code of Community Standards with The Office of Student Conduct, mental health support with Birkham Personal Counseling services, programming, and much more to prepare you for your role ahead as a Resident Advisor or Community Advisor.

Harmony Project

Harmony Project Harmony Project is a diversity and inclusion initiative that is comprised of student staff that want a more harmonious campus culture.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection works directly with the hiring process of student staff members. Typically there are two hiring processes per year. Student staff may be given the opportunity to work directly with a professional staff member on production of the hiring process.

Appeal Board

The Appeals committee meets on a weekly to bi-weekly basis.  The committee is made up of students to assess current contract appeals.

Large Scale Programming

Large Scale Programming is a Ferris State University, Office of Housing and Residence Life student staff initiative advised by a Hall Director. Large Scale Programming brings passive and active programs following the Bulldog Programming Model to HRL residents on a campus wide scale. Select student staff members are chosen to peer lead and execute all Large Scale Programming planning and events. Past successful programs completed by the Housing and Residence Life Large Scale Programming group includes; various Resident Appreciation Days, Halloween Pumpkin Patch, Ferris Murder Mystery, and Casino Royal events.  

Senior Staff Committee

 The SSA Committee is made up of student leaders in the Senior Staff Advisor position. This committee is responsible for  running a majority of the department student staff recognition initiatives, including but not limited to Student Staff Banquet, organizing the Top Dawg rewards, and managing the department student newsletter. The SSA Committee also helps with orientation evens for incoming students. In addition to recognition this committee also provides the SSAs to connect and work out issues they may run into while managing the staff and desk community they oversee.