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Mailing and Contact Information

Residential Communities

Front Desk Amenities

Our halls, suites, and apartments have a front desk that can assist students with the following issues and more.

  • Board games
  • Sporting equipment
  • Building staff availability and hours
  • General building questions
  • Information about University closings/emergencies
  • Residence halls can receive free toilet paper and trash bags

Hours of Operation

  • Residence hall desks are open 24 hours a day when the hall is open
  • East Campus Suite Desk Hours
  • West Campus Community Center Hours


Packages can be shipped through the U.S. Postal Service or commercial delivery service. Packages and letters should be addressed using the following format:

Student's First and Last Name
Hall Name & Room Number
Ferris State University
(use street address corresponding with the hall)
Big Rapids, MI 49307-(use extension corresponding with the hall)

CAUTION: We only deliver mail that is addressed to our students.  Not addressing mail to the student who is receiving it will cause it to be returned (ex. parent's names).

Hall Name Address Phone Number
Bond Hall 1400 Bond Circle (231) 591-6938
Brophy Hall 1502 Knollview Dr. (231) 591-6948
Clark Hall 1002 Campus Drive (231) 591-6970
Cramer Hall 1325 Cramer Circle (231) 591-6914
East Campus Suites-Maple Grove 613 Damascus (231) 591-6032
East Campus Suites-Oak View 507 Damascus (231) 591-6032
East Campus Suites-Pine Valley 1101 Ives Avenue (231) 591-6032
Hallisy Hall 1107 S. State St. (231) 591-6978
Henderson Hall 1412 S. State St. (231) 591-6996
McNerney Hall 1504 Knollview Dr. (231) 591-6948
Merril Hall 1520 Knollview Dr. (231) 591-6801
North Hall 785 Campus Dr. (231) 591-6800
Pickell Hall 202 South St. (231) 591-6849
Puterbaugh Hall 1312 S. State St. (231) 591-6981
Travis Hall 1524 Knollview Dr. (231) 591-6801
Ward Hall 1413 S. State St. (231) 591-6834
West Campus Community Center for All Apartments 1414 Family Dr. (231) 591-3781

 Housing Contact Listing

Function Phone Number Email
Main Housing Contact
All general inquiries (231) 591-3745 [email protected]
Housing Assignments & Room Changes
Assignments (231) 591-3745  [email protected]
Technology Assistance: Cable TV, Internet & WIFI, Printing, etc.
Information Technology Services (231) 591-4822 [email protected] 
Building Concerns, Laundry Concerns, Roommate Concerns, Community Issues, Mail, Packages, and Deliveries


Residence Halls

 24/hr Customer Service
Front Desk

*See phone listing above

 Email the Hall Director of the building

*Go to our professional staff listing below


West Campus Apartments


Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm:
(231) 591-3781


Any other time:
(231) 250-7769

  Email the Community Director of the building

*Go to our professional staff listing below


East Campus Suites 

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm:
(231) 591-6032


Any other time:
(231) 250-9025


Email the Community Director of the building

*Go to our professional staff listing below
Summer Camp Operations 
Housing & Residence Life

(231) 591-2992

[email protected]

Contact a Professional Staff Member