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Before you begin, consider

  • Would I understand the material if I could not hear or see it?
  • If I had a mobility impairment, could I participate fully in this class?
  • If I had a processing delay or had difficulty hearing, could I revisit the material from class?
  • If I use software to read text, are my materials in an accessible electronic version?
  • Are there alternatives to visual information?
  • Will multimedia have captions or transcripts available?
  •  Would interactive activities exclude someone with a disability?

Top 10 Tips for Online Course Accessibility

  1. Alternative text: Text equivalent of image. Will be displayed or read if the image is unavailable.
  2. Headings: Use headings instead of large bold text to indicate sections of your document
  3. Link text: Use link text like Ferris website instead of
  4. Text spacing: Do not crowd text
  5. Caption video: Add captions to your videos
  6. Color contrast: Some color combinations are difficult to read e.g. yellow & white 
  7. Plain language: Use clear, concise, understandable language when you can
  8. Consistency: Keep your layout consistent across all your designs
  9.  Keep it text: Use selectable text over images of text
  10. Ask questions! [email protected]