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Deliberative Dialogue

Seek a Shared Understanding

Deliberative dialogue is method of thinking and talking together. It is a way for individuals from varied backgrounds and perspectives to come together to seek a shared understanding of problem or issue and search for common ground and action. Trained individuals (i.e. students, faculty, staff, and community members) moderate the dialogue and use an issue guide to help frame the issue by presenting the overall problem/ concern followed by three or four broad approaches to the issue. Participants work through the issue by considering each approach examining appeals, concerns, costs, consequences, and trade-offs for each approach.

2021 Deliberative Dialogue Initiative: Let's Start Talking 

Starting in 2021, Ferris is launching its Let’s Start Talking initiative. An initiative that is centered on thinking, listening, and talking together about difficult topics. This initiative is student-centered and student led. Each month students will moderate deliberative dialogues on campus.

Some topics will include: Campus Life Post Pandemic, COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness and Issues, First-Gen College Success, Health and Wellness: Stress, Anxiety Depression and College, Building Bridges: Getting Past Differences and Talking Together, Social Justice: Food Insecurity,  The Opioid Epidemic: Raising Awareness and Reducing Stigma, Social Justice: Climate Justice, and more..

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