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A Finding Aid for the Pharmacy Seminar Records 1953-1979; 1991

Collection Summary

Collection Title: Pharmacy Seminar Records

Creator: Ferris State University. College of Pharmacy.

Dates: 1953-1999

Abstract: The Pharmacy Seminar program began in 1953 as an avenue for pharmacy alumni to congregate and discuss current and controversial issues in the discipline. Programs included a full day of events, including meals. Seminars are still held annually. The records include brochures, correspondence, planning materials, programs, and registration lists.

Language: English

Quantity: 3.0 cubic feet; 2 records center boxes box

Identification: Record Group UA 27.7.1

Repository: Ferris State University Archives and Records Management Program

Historical Note

The first annual Pharmacy Seminar was held on 18 November 1953. According to the program, the intent was to be "a public service to practicing retail pharmacists in Michigan, stemming from the suggestion of a number of pharmacists who felt that the topic of this year's seminar was of great import to them." The format was a series of lectures followed by a question period. Speakers for that year included: Ralph Wilson (Dean of Pharmacy), Marjorie Taggart White (Bureau of Free Trade), and Louis Kazan (associate editor of the journal Drug Topics.) It began at 1:00 p.m. and ended at 9:00 p.m. and encouraged attendance from all over the state. Fifty alumni attended the first event- from classes as far back as 1920 and as recent as 1952.

A typical seminar evolved into a full-day program. It was open to pharmacists in the state of Michigan and to the faculty of the college. The event began with a registration and coffee hour, with a welcome by the current Dean of Pharmacy. Between three and five speakers were present to facilitate discussion among pharmacists about the most current, controversial, and interesting topics in pharmacy at the time. A tour of the college was also included. This was of particular note in 1953, as alumni were extremely interested in the reconstruction in the wake of the fire of 1950. At the end of the day, participants could, for a nominal fee, attend a dinner at which the President of Ferris Institute gave a welcome speech.

While the event records currently only go up to 1979 with one additional program from the 1991 year, the Pharmacy Seminar remains an annual event at the College of Pharmacy.

Scope and Content Note

The Pharmacy Seminar papers contain records of annual seminars from 1953-1979. Included in the records are brochures and programs for each seminar, lists of registrants, correspondence, and planning and budgeting materials. A seminar was not held in 1958.

The format remained essentially the same over the years, with the program focusing on a few timely topics of interest to the profession. By reviewing the event planning materials, one can see what topics are current to the profession for that year. It also provides a snapshot of where alumni took positions. Seminars hosted a number of speakers who lectured on such topics as: antibiotics and their use, pharmaceutical manufacturing, anti-fertility agents, recent legislation regarding the profession of pharmacy, and patient counseling. Pharmaceutical companies Eli Lilly and the Upjohn Company were known to contribute financially to the event in addition to support from the college.

The collection contains biographical information about the speaker as part of the event records but no transcripts or recordings of the actual lectures and questions. Later registration information also includes more detailed information about alumni in attendance.


The papers are contained in a single series.

Access Information

Conditions of Access

The Pharmacy Seminar Records are open for research to all users in accordance with University Archives and Records Management access policies. It is available in the reading room of the Ferris State University Archives.

Conditions of Use

Requests for permission to publish material should be directed to the University Archivist. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

Copyright interests for this collection have been transferred to Ferris State University. For more information, contact the University Archivist.

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Below are a list of names, organizations and subjects relating to the collection. Names have been taken from Library of Congress Authority headings whenever possible.

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Administrative Information


Footnotes and bibliographic references should use the following format:
[Item], Folder, Box. Pharmacy Seminar Records. Ferris State University Archives. Big Rapids, Michigan.

Provenance (Acquisition Information)

The Pharmacy Seminar records were transferred to the University Archives prior to 1980. No record of the transfer exists. Records suffered some water damage while kept in an off site storage facility in 2001 and some records had to be destroyed prior to processing.

Processing Information

The Pharmacy Seminar Records were processed to the folder level by Christina Collins in October 2006. A finding aid was prepared in a word processing format and converted to EAD 2.0. A collection level MARC-format record was prepared and placed in the library online public access catalog. Description was based on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 2004).

Technical Requirements

This collection consists of paper based materials. No specialized software/hardware required for viewing.

Content Listing

Series A: Seminar Records. 1953-1979; 1991.

The series consists of approximately 3.0 cubic feet of records. Most of the annual seminars have at least two folders; one for brochures and programs, and one for event records. This series also includes materials from the National Pharmacy Week Conference 1957-1975.

These files are arranged chronologically by seminar date.

Box Folder Contents
1 1 National Pharmacy Week Seminar. 1957-1975
1 2 Pharmacy Seminar. 1953. Brochure; program.
1 3 Pharmacy Seminar. 1953. Event records.
1 4 Pharmacy Seminar. 1954. Brochure; program.
1 5 Pharmacy Seminar. 1954. Event records.
1 6 Pharmacy Seminar. 1955. Brochure; program.
1 7 Pharmacy Seminar. 1955. Event records.
1 8 Pharmacy Seminar. 1956. Brochure; program.
1 9 Pharmacy Seminar. 1956. Event records.
1 10 Pharmacy Seminar. 1957. Brochure; program.
1 11 Pharmacy Seminar. 1957. Event records.
1 12 Pharmacy Seminar. 1959. Brochure; program.
1 13 Pharmacy Seminar. 1959. Event records.
1 14 Pharmacy Seminar. 1960. Brochure; program.
1 15 Pharmacy Seminar. 1960. Event records.
1 16 Pharmacy Seminar. 1961. Brochure; program.
1 17 Pharmacy Seminar. 1961. Event records.
1 18 Pharmacy Seminar. 1962. Brochure; program.
1 19 Pharmacy Seminar. 1962. Event records.
1 20 Pharmacy Seminar. 1963. Event records.
1 21 Pharmacy Seminar. 1964. Brochure; program.
1 22 Pharmacy Seminar. 1964. Event records.
1 23 Pharmacy Seminar. 1965. Brochure; program.
1 24 Pharmacy Seminar. 1965. Event records.
1 25 Pharmacy Seminar. 1966. Event records.
1 26 Pharmacy Seminar. 1967. Brochure; program.
1 27 Pharmacy Seminar. 1967. Event records.
1 28 Pharmacy Seminar. 1968. Brochure; program.
1 29 Pharmacy Seminar. 1968. Event records.
1 30 Pharmacy Seminar. 1969. Brochure; program.
1 31 Pharmacy Seminar. 1969. Event records.
1 32 Pharmacy Seminar. 1970. Event records.
1 33 Pharmacy Seminar. 1970. Event records.
1 34 Pharmacy Seminar. 1971. Brochure; program.
1 35 Pharmacy Seminar. 1971. Event records.
Box Folder Contents
2 1 Pharmacy Seminar. 1972. Brochure; program.
  2 Pharmacy Seminar. 1972. Event records.
  3 Pharmacy Seminar. 1973. Brochure; program.
  4 Pharmacy Seminar. 1973. Event records.
  5 Pharmacy Seminar. 1974. Brochure; program.
  6 Pharmacy Seminar. 1974. Event records.
  7 Pharmacy Seminar. 1975. Brochure; program.
  8 Pharmacy Seminar. 1975. Event records.
  9 Pharmacy Seminar. 1976. Brochure; program.
  10 Pharmacy Seminar. 1976. Event records.
  11 Pharmacy Seminar. 1977. Brochure; program.
  12 Pharmacy Seminar. 1977. Event records.
  13 Pharmacy Seminar. 1978. Brochure; program.
  14 Pharmacy Seminar. 1978. Event records. Folder 1.
  15 Pharmacy Seminar. 1978. Event records. Folder 2.
  16 Pharmacy Seminar. 1978. Event records. Folder 3.
  17 Pharmacy Seminar. 1979. Brochure; program.
  18 Pharmacy Seminar. 1979. Event records. Folder 1.
  19 Pharmacy Seminar. 1979. Event records. Folder 2.
  20 Pharmacy Seminar. 1979. Event records. Folder 3.
  21 Pharmacy Seminar. 1979. Event records. Folder 4.
  22 Pharmacy Seminar. 1991. Brochure.