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A Finding Aid for the Edward L. Linta Papers 1957-1983

Collection Summary

Collection Title: Edward L. Linta Papers

Creator: Linta, Edward L. 1932-

Dates: 1957-1983

Abstract: Edward Linta began as an administrator for Ferris State University and served in a variety of capacities including: Vice-President for Student Affairs and Associate Vice-President for Personnel and Labor Relations. The collection primarily consists of records relating to his tenure in Student Affairs, including board activities, policies, projects and research files of similar projects from other universities.

Language: English

Quantity: 4.5 cubic feet; 3 records center boxes

Identification: UA 7.1.50

Repository: Ferris State University Archives and Records Management Program

Historical Note

Edward L. Linta was born in 1932. He received a bachelors degree in physical education and biology from Kansas State University. He worked as both a football coach and counselor at Eastern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. While at the University of Arizona, Linta earned a Masters of Education in Counseling and Guidance. He later earned doctorates in educational administration from Eastern Michigan University and in higher education administration from the University of Michigan.

Linta worked at Washburn University in Kansas between 1965-1967. While there, he served as football coach. He also was the Director of the Counseling Center and later the Assistant Dean for Student Services. This lead to a position at Eastern Michigan University as an Assistant Dean of Student Services in 1967. After a promotion to Associate Dean of Student Services, Linta was recruited by Ferris State University in 1970 to serve as the Vice-President for Student Affairs.

Linta was the Vice-President for Student Affairs between 1970-1979. The Student Affairs division oversaw the health and counseling center- an area in which Linta already had expertise. He immediately became involved in a reorganization and expansion of the division which included revamping policies and the recruitment of more positions. He was also deeply involved with the student issues of the time- including the position of minority students on campus.

Linta's involvement with faculty policies, and his early involvement in negotiating contracts as unions were formed on campus led to his next position on campus. In the 1979-1980 year, Linta became the Assistant Vice President for Business/ Director of Personnel and Labor Relations. In 1982-1983 year, this position became an associate vice-president position with the same name. In 1986, Linta returned to faculty, serving as business professor, Arts, Sciences and Education professor and educational counselor. He retired in January 1990.

Linta continued to be an active researcher and writer during his career. His published dissertation in 1975 was entitled "Collective bargaining at a state college in Michigan." Another article on "Management by Objectives in Student Services" was indexed by ERIC (Education Resource Information Center.) He also retained an interest in counseling issues.

Linta was active in professional associations relating to his positions at Ferris State University including serving as president of the Michigan State Colleges Personnel and Labor Association and as chair of the Chief Student Personnel Officers of Michigan State Colleges.

Scope and Content Note

Most of the files within this collection relate to topics of interest for the Student Affairs division during Edward Linta's vice-presidency between 1970-1979. A typical subject file may include a single sheet of paper, such as the resulting policy; may include supporting documentation such as minutes, correspondence, and forms or it may include background research on the topic gathered from other institutions. Topics include: admissions issues, minority retention, careers, child care center, faculty handbook, FERPA, residence halls and judiciary services.

A second focus of the collection relates to Linta's positions as the director of Personnel and Labor Relations. Linta was asked to be on the early negotiating teams as unions were formed on campus. This lead to his eventual selection as director. Many of these files remain restricted. The types of material included are: contracts, contract negotiation minutes, and a series of legal issues files relevant to employment including affirmative action and planning reviews.

Thirdly, this collection contains miscellaneous subject files on a wide variety of topics in which Ed Linta either had a personal interest, or was a focus for the student affairs division. Trained as a counselor, Dr. Linta had an interest in topics including group decision-making or management by objects and papers have been included on that within the collection. Linta published on some of these issues. There are also files relating to Linta's involvement with various professional associations.

A few other topics of note included in the collection are the materials relating to the Computer Center Policy Committee which details the growth of computing on campus and the black student protests on campus from the early 1970s.


The papers are contained in a single series.

Access Information

Conditions of Access

The Edward L. Linta Papers are open to all researchers in accordance with the University Archives and Records Management Program access policies. This collection is open for research. Certain files are labeled as restricted and may only be used with permission of the University Archivist.

Conditions of Use

Requests for permission to publish material should be directed to the University Archivist. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

Copyright interests for this collection have been transferred to Ferris State University. For more information, contact the University Archivist.

Subject Headings

Below are a list of names, organizations and subjects relating to the collection. Names have been taken from Library of Congress Authority headings whenever possible.

Related Materials

None specified.

Administrative Information


Footnotes and bibliographic references should use the following format:
[Item], Folder, Box. Edward L. Linta Papers. Ferris State University Archives. Big Rapids, Michigan.

Provenance (Acquisition Information)

These records were located within the basement of the Alumni building in August 2004 when the archives moved into the area. No formal release or transfer of the records has ever occurred.

Processing Information

The Edward L. Linta Papers were processed to the folder level by Nichole VanderYacht in May 2008. A finding aid was prepared in a word processing format by Melinda McMartin Isler in July 2008 and converted to EAD 2.0. A collection level MARC-format record was prepared and placed in the library online public access catalog. Description was based on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 2004).

Separated Materials

During processing, a series of educational materials relating to the radio repair program were discarded after being offered to the current office. A series of personnel applications and evaluations were also discarded because of the privacy issues surrounding those records. Finally, duplicative materials were discarded- including a series of Board packets from the 1970s.

Technical Requirements

This collection consists of primarily of paper based materials on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. No specialized hardware or software is required for viewing

Content Listing

Series 1. Subject Records. 1957-1983.

This series consists of approximately 4.5 cubic feet of paper records. The files span a range of topics from annotated board packets relating to student affairs topics, proposals for creation of new programs and centers, career related materials, counseling recruitment and minority unrest on the campus. Most of the materials are from the 1970s. Some relate to labor relations and contract negotiations.

The records are arranged alphabetically by subject or name.

Box Folder Contents
1 1 Academic calender. 1971-1972.
1 2 Admissions. 1972.
1 3 Admissions. Black students. 1970.
1 4 Affirmative action program. 1972-1979.
1 5 Affirmative action seminar. 1975.
1 6 Affirmative action. Student Affairs division. 1972-1973.
1 7 Alcohol policies. 1971-1973.
1 8 American Arbitration Association. Correspondence. 1971-1973.
1 9 American Association for Higher Education. Meeting. 1978.
1 10 American Association of University Professors. Ferris chapter. 1968-1978.
1 11 Apprenticeship handbooks. 1962-1967.
1 12 Black employees. Student Affairs division. 1972.
1 13 Black student issues. 1969-1972.
1 14 Black students. Program enrollment. Undated.
1 15 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 19 November 1968.
1 16 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 7-8 March 1969.
1 17 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 30 October 1971.
1 18 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 11 December 1971.
1 19 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 15 April 1972.
1 20 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 6 May 1972.
1 21 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 10 June 1972.
1 22 Board of Trustees meeting packet. 25 July 1972.
1 23 Brochures. Undated.
1 24 Budgets. Ferris State College. 1974-1978.
1 25 Budgets. Student Affairs division. 1973-1978.
1 26 Buildings report [incomplete]. 1977.
1 27 Campus classroom accidents. 1970.
1 28 Campus partnership program proposal. 1973.
1 29 Career brochures. 1957-1975..
1 30 Careers for women brochures. 1957-1968.
1 31 Career handouts. Undated.
1 32 Center for Student Development and Research. Proposal. 1971-1972.
1 33 Center for the Study of Higher Education. 1977. RESTRICTED.
1 34 Child care center. 1971.
1 35 Civil rights. 1977.
1 36 Clerical staff. 1971-1978.
1 37 "Communications." Paper. Undated.
1 38 Commuter students. 1971.
1 39 Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) program. 1975-1977.
1 40 Computer Center Policy Committee. 1970-1974. RESTRICTED.
1 41 Computer Center Policy Committee. 1975-1978. RESTRICTED.
1 42 Computer Center Policy Committee. 1979.
1 43 Conferences. 1970-1977.
1 44 Correspondence. 1975-1978.
1 45 Correspondence to parents. 1974-1979.
1 46 Correspondence to students. 1970-1976.
1 47 Correspondence re: Peace Corps. 1965-1967.
1 48 Correspondence re: staff. 1973-1979.
Box Folder Contents
2 1 Council of North Central Community Junior Colleges. 1978-1979.
2 2 "Counseling." Paper. 1965-1968.
2 3 Counseling Center psychology position. Correspondence. 1966. RESTRICTED.
2 4 Counseling Center. Testing transfer students. 1967-1969.
2 5 Creative Notebook. 1971-1977.
2 6 Creative Notebook. Presidents reference book. 1970-1974.
2 7 Death of student notification policy. 1972.
2 8 Delphi study. 1975-1976.
2 9 Eastern Michigan University. Reading Skills Center/ Leadership development conference. 1967.
2 10 Educational Counseling Center. Study skills handouts. Undated.
2 11 Employee fringe benefits. 1970-1978.
2 12 Employee policies. 1967-1977.
2 13 Employee orientation and procedures. 1971-1973.
2 14 Enrollment (part time). 1971-1975.
2 15 Evaluations. 1973-1979. RESTRICTED.
2 16 Evaluations and surveys. 1968-1972.
2 17 Faculty. Statistics. 1973.
2 18 Faculty Awards Committee. 1966-1967.
2 19 Faculty contract negotiations. 1977-1983.
2 20 Faculty handbook revisions. 1969-1971.
2 21 Faculty promotion policies. 1979.
2 22 Faculty/staff recommendations and proposals. 1971.
2 23 Factogram. FSC news. 1971.
2 24 Federal Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA). 1974-1979.
2 25 FERPA. Release of student information. 1966-1970.
2 26 Ferris State College folders. Undated.
2 27 Financial aid. 1971-1979.
2 28 "Future of Higher Education." Report. Undated.
2 29 General Assistance for Higher Education. State legislative bill. 1971.
2 30 "Group Decision and Emotional Consequences." Paper. Undated.
2 31 Health Center. 1957-1975.
2 32 Higher education report. Undated.
2 33 Higher education studies. 1967-1970.
2 34 Higher education theories. 1968-1970.
2 35 Housing institutional search and seizure. Undated.
2 36 Institutional Research. Testing of transfer students. 1966-1967.
2 37 Institutional Services Inc. 1978.
2 38 Judiciary Services. 1970.
2 39 Learning skills center. 1970-1971.
2 40 Legal issues. 1967-1975.
2 41 Long range planning. 1978-1981.
2 42 "Management by Objectives." Paper. 1972-1976.
2 43 Management training program. 1978.
2 44 Michigan Housing and Food Services Officers Association. Meeting. 1973.
2 45 Michigan College Personnel Association. 1974-1977.
2 46 Michigan Association of State Colleges. 1975-1979.
2 47 Michigan Education Resource Council. Spring Vocational Conference. 1971.
2 48 Michigan Personnel and Guidance Association. 1970-1973.
2 49 Milikin, William. Governor of Michigan. Correspondence. 1971-1974.
2 50 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. 1971-1979.
2 51 Newman report. 1971-1972.
2 52 Off-campus housing. 1971-1972.
2 53 "Organizational Structure of Universities." Paper. 1970.
Box Folder Contents
3 1 Performance reviews. 1978.
3 2 Planning data for academics and the administration. 1973.
3 3 Pregnant student policy. 1968-1973.
3 4 Policies. 1954-1973.
3 5 Presidents office. Spathelf, Victor. Correspondence. 1966-1970.
3 6 Presidents office. Ewigleben, Robert. Correspondence. 1974-1979.
3 7 Psychotherapy. 1967-1969.
3 8 Recruitment (staff) correspondence. 1963-1968. RESTRICTED.
3 9 Recruitment (counselors) correspondence. 1959-1965. RESTRICTED.
3 10 Recruiting information. 1962-1965.
3 11 Reorganization plan. Student Affairs division. 1973-1975.
3 12 Residence halls. Notes. Undated.
3 13 Residence halls custodial training program. 1975.
3 14 Rotary Club. Big Rapids (Mich.) chapter. 1976-1978.
3 15 "Scranton report: campus unrest." 1970.
3 16 Speeches. 1974-1977.
3 17 State of Michigan. Higher education budget. 1972-1979.
3 18 Student activities. Budgets; directories. 1971-1974.
3 19 Student Affairs division. Position descriptions; reports. 1971-1975.
3 20 Student Affairs Newsletter. 1971.
3 21 Student Affairs. Reports. 1971-1979.
3 22 Student employment. 1963-1969.
3 23 Student government. Student Bill of Rights. 1968-1969.
3 24 Study abroad programs. Brochures. 1962-1975.
3 25 Systems manual. 1973-1979.
3 26 Unemployment tax act. 1971-1972.
3 27 Unions. AFCSME. 1974-1971. RESTRICTED.
3 28 Unions. AFCSME. Nurses. 1977-1979. RESTRICTED.
3 29 Unions. Arbitration. 1971-1977. RESTRICTED.
3 30 Unions. Ferris Faculty Association. 1978. RESTRICTED.
3 31 Unions. Ferris Faculty Association. 1981-1984. RESTRICTED.
3 32 Unions. Grievances. 1971-1978. RESTRICTED.
3 33 Unions. Head Residents. 1977-1978. RESTRICTED.
3 34 Unions. Miscellaneous. 1971-1975. RESTRICTED.
3 35 Unions. Teamsters. Police. 1976-1978. RESTRICTED.
3 36 Unions. "Rationale for Student Affairs Divisional Staff in Regards to College Bargaining." Report. 1972.
3 37 Upward Bound. RESTRICTED.