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A Finding Aid for the Graphic Arts Department Records 1940-1983

Collection Summary

Collection Title: Graphic Arts Department Records

Creator: Ferris State University. Graphic Arts Department.

Dates: 1940-1983

Abstract: The Graphic Arts Department was created in 1966 as part of the School of Technical and Applied Arts. The records consist of administrative files, advisory board files, curricula files and research materials. There are also records relating to outside conferences and symposia sponsored by the department. The records span the dates 1940-1983.

Language: English

Quantity: 3.0 cubic feet; 2 records center boxes

Identification: UA 24.13.1

Repository: Ferris State University Archives and Records Management Program

Historical Note

In 1966, the Trades and Industrial Programs underwent a massive reorganization of both their structure and courses of study. As a result of this, they became a college division called the School for Technical and Applied Arts. Part of this reorganization included the creation of a new department called the Graphic Arts Department. Francis Modlin was hired to be the first department chair. Courses offered within the department for the 1966-67 year included: introduction to photography, graphic reproduction techniques and theory, mechanical drawing, process camera work, offset reproduction, printing orientation and reproduction theory.

In 1966, the division also moved into the Swan Technical Arts and Trades Building. This provided an opportunity for the program to design not only appropriate classroom space but also a University print shop and other model laboratories to give students exposure to the appropriate equipment. It was a technician oriented set of degrees.

The graphic arts program focused on Ferris' industrial tradition which they traced back to the first school name of "Big Rapids Industrial School." Modlin worked to centralize disparate programs both through coordinating coursework and through their alumni. In 1968, Modlin merged the Graphics Reproduction Advisory Committee with the Printing Advisory Committee to create the new Graphic Arts Advisory committee. This advisory committee consisted not only of alumni but prominent individuals in industry including the Michigan Press Association, Graphic Arts Association of Michigan, local newspapers and Ford Motor Company. A typical meeting included a discussion of program enrollments, whether current course objects met industry requirements, a review of program equipment and tours of the Ferris facilities. The department worked with other campus divisions such as business and general education to make sure that all required courses were relevant. Most of the programs within this department were associates level programs.

The department was reorganized and combined with other departments to become the Design, Manufacturing and Graphic Arts Department in the 1996-1997 school year.

Graphic Arts Department Heads

Scope and Content Note

The Graphic Arts Advisory committee was combined in 1966 at the request of Ferris faculty who felt that the printing and graphic reproduction programs overlapped. In fact, the academic programs had already been merged into a single department, with outside department head Francis Modlin brought in to coordinate activities. In addition to running several degree programs, the department operated a print shop which was used both as a teaching tool and as a resource for the college community.

These records focus primarily on the 1968-1978 period of the department. Materials were donated by Richard Maliszewski who served both as a faculty member, and as department head between 1972-1978. The first series consists of the typical administrative records such as correspondence, minutes and reports. The correspondence for the various department chairs is fairly limited as are the departmental minutes. Of particular interest are records of the building committee for the Swan Building, and the design for the college print shop. There are extensive materials relating to the activities of the advisory boards. Additionally, some curricula materials including course objectives, syllabi and course projects are included.

The second series consists primarily of material relating to the International Graphic Arts Educators Association. Ferris State College hosted the annual convention in August 1977. Richard Maliszewski was the staff member who coordinated this for the college. The records included in this series include local arrangement information, membership information, rosters, programs, speeches, and assorted ephemera material (tourist information for participants). Only two other events are included in this series and they are limited to a single folder each.

The final series consist of books/technical pamphlets used by Malisweski either in the teaching of his courses, or in the purchasing of equipment for the print shop. None of them have been authored by or printed at Ferris State University.


Access Information

Conditions of Access

The Graphic Arts Department Records are open for research to all users in accordance with University Archives and Records Management access policies. It is available in the reading room of the Ferris State University Archives.

Conditions of Use

Requests for permission to publish material should be directed to the University Archivist. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

Copyright interests for this collection have been transferred to Ferris State University. For more information, contact the University Archivist.

Subject Headings

Below are a list of names, organizations and subjects relating to the collection. Names have been taken from Library of Congress Authority headings whenever possible.

Related Materials

None specified.

Administrative Information


Footnotes and bibliographic references should use the following format:
[Item], Folder, Box. Graphic Arts Department Records. Ferris State University Archives. Big Rapids, Michigan.

Provenance (Acquisition Information)

These records were donated to the University Archives by faculty member Richard A Maliszewski at some undetermined date before 2002. No documentation exists of the actual transfer.

Processing Information

The Graphic Arts Department Records were processed to the folder level by Melinda McMartin Isler in December 2005. A finding aid was prepared in a word processing format and converted to EAD 1.0. A collection level MARC-21 record was prepared and placed in the library online public access catalog. Description based on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 2004).

Separated Materials

Duplicate university publications and material relating to other university offices, such as the Dean of the School of Applied and Technical Arts were removed from the collection. Other extraneous material such as equipment catalogs were discarded. Approximately 1/3 of the original collection was retained.

Technical Requirements

This collection consists of typed and handwritten papers of various sizes. There are also some photographs and bound materials including books. There is no specialized software required for viewing.

Content Listing

Series 1. Administrative Files. 1956-1983.

In this series are the typical governance records of a department including meeting records, curricula related materials, correspondence, and committee records. This series has a fairly complete record of the advisory boards for this period.

These records are arranged alphabetically by subject title.

Box Folder Contents
1 1 Accreditation. 1977.
1 2 Admissions brochures. Undated.
1 3 Awards. Undated.
1 4 Automatic film processor. 1983.
1 5 Binding and finishing course. Undated.
1 6 Book list. Undated.
1 7 Budgets. 1979.
1 8 Class handouts. Undated.
1 9 Color course. Undated.
1 10 Course objectives. 1973; undated.
1 11 Course handouts. Undated.
1 12 Course of study requirements. Undated.
1 13 Course outlines. 1956; 1964; 1978.
1 14 Departmental meetings. Minutes. 1977-1979.
1 15 Dzodin, Milt. General Photo Products. 1975.
1 16 Equipment. Invoices. 1978.
1 17 Fact sheet. Undated.
1 18 Faculty loads. 1978.
1 19 Ferris State College Catering. 1972-1978; undated.
1 20 Ferris Torch. Correspondence. 1979.
1 21 Final exams. Ink and Color Theory; Photomechanical Reproduction; Printing 135; Stripping and Platemaking. Undated.
1 22 General Printing. A.A.S. Objectives. Undated.
1 23 Graphic Arts Advisory Committee. Acceptance cards. 1972.
1 24 Graphic Arts Advisory Committee. 1968-1973.
1 25 Graphic Arts Advisory Committee. 1974-1976.
1 26 Graphic Arts Advisory Committee. Meetings; agendas; minutes. 1968-1979.
1 27 Graphic Arts Advisory Committee. Notes. Undated.
1 28 Graphic Arts Reproduction Advisory Committee. Minutes. 1965.
1 29 Graphics Communication Week. Undated.
1 30 Industrial-commercial photography steering committee. 1966-1967; 1974.
1 31 Key (Mapping) of shop. 1965.
1 32 Linotype. Notes. 1956; undated.
1 33 Linotype machine. 1957.
1 34 Logos. Undated.
1 35 Maliszewski, Richard P. Department chair. Correspondence. 1976.
1 36 Malisewski. Graphics Arts Complex. Report. Undated.
1 37 Morris, Reid. Invention of Lithography. Student paper. 1977.
1 38 Offset Seminar News. Class project. 1969.
1 39 Photography project. Undated.
1 40 Photography survey. 1977-1978.
1 41 Photon Inc. 1972.
1 42 Prepare for a Rewarding Career. School of Technology recruitment book. Undated.
1 43 Print shop. Correspondence. 1980.
1 44 Printing at FSC. Photo album. Undated.
1 45 Printing Advisory Committee. Agendas; minutes. 1959-1967.
1 46 Printing Program at FSC. Recruitment brochure. Undated.
1 47 Printing Management- production printing. Report. Undated.
1 48 Samuel, Mark. Color Separation Portfolio. Student project. Undated.
1 49 School Shop. Article. 1974.
1 50 School of Technical and Applied Arts. Handbook for Advisory Committee Members. January 1977.
1 51 School of Technical and Applied Arts. Procedures for Establishing an Advisory Committee. January 1977.
1 52 Shreve, Donald H. Death. 1972.
1 53 Shreve, Donald H. Portfolio- part 1. 1966.
1 54 Shreve, Donalad H. Portofolio- part 2. 1966.
1 55 Slide lecture. Script. Undated.
1 56 Stechschulte, Robert. Department chair. Correspondence. 1979-1983.
1 57 Student projects. Undated.
1 58 Swan Technical Arts Building. Building Committee. 1962-1963.
1 59 Swan Technical Arts Building. Equipment; plans. 1964; undated.
1 60 Task Force on Non-Technical Course Objectives. 1972.
1 61 Transparencies. Undated.
1 62 Type face available. Booklet. 1964.
1 63 Vander Molen, John. Correspondence. 1978-1979.
1 64 Verplank, Richard. Student teaching project. 1969.

Series 2. Conferences; Seminars and Events. 1968-1977.

The majority of this series relates to the International Graphics Arts Education Association annual meeting hosted by Ferris State College in 1977.

The files are arranged chronologically by beginning date of event. Within each event, if they contain multiple fodlers, files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box Folder Contents
1 65 Graphic Arts Seminar. May 1975.
1 66 I.G.A.E.A.(International Graphic Arts Education Association) Conference 1977. Board minutes. August 1977.
1 67 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Budget; financial records.
1 68 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Business meeting.
1 69 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Communicator. Newsletter.
1 70 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Conference reference file.
1 71 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Correspondence. 1975-1977.
1 72 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Ferris State College correspondence. 1976-1977.
1 73 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. I.G.A.E.A. planning guide. Undated.
1 74 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. I.G.A.E.A. newsletter. 1976-1977.
1 75 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Logos; keychains; undated.
Box Folder Contents
2 1 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Mailing list.
2 2 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Michigan recreation facilities.
2 3 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Notes; printing.
2 4 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Participant packet.
2 5 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Presentations; handouts.
2 6 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Program.
2 7 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Registrations.
2 8 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Schedules.
2 9 I.G.A.E.A. Conference 1977. Summary report.
2 10 Printing Management '75. 1975.
2 11 Technical Forum. 1968.

Series 3. Subject Files. 1940-1978; undated.

These records consists primarily of the research files of department head Richard Maliszewski. Materials include texts used in printing class and materials related to the use of various pieces of equipment used in the Ferris print shop

They are arranged alphabetically by either author or subject.

Box Folder Contents
2 12 Advertisements; catalogs. Bindery.
2 13 Advertisements; catalogs. Other
2 14 Advertisements; catalogs. Presses.
2 15 American Printers and Lithographics Inc. Type Manual. Undated.
2 16 Gemano, Nicholas. Safety in the School. 1954.
2 17 Grand Rapids House of Craftsman. 1970-1976.
2 18 Hoch, Fred. Handbook for Pressman. 1948.
2 19 Imperial magazine. 1966-1968.
2 20 International Paper Company. Pocket Pal for Printers. 1957.
2 21 Kodak Newsletter for Graphic Arts and Photography Instructors. 1968-1978.
2 22 Ormsbee, Arthur. Words of Wisdom. 1940.
2 23 PICA journal. 1983.
2 24 Polk, Ralph. Practice of Printing. 1945.
2 25 Printing ink handbook. 1976.
2 26 Reproduction Review. 1969.
2 27 Rockefeller, John W. Printing is a Business. 1955.
2 28 Technical guides; tip sheets. Undated.
2 29 Visual Communication. 1976-1977.
2 30 United States Printing Office. Style guide. 1973.