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The University Archives has no power and will be closed  until September 7, 2021.  If the power is not restored by Tuesday September 7th a new closure notice will be posted.  The archives will also be closed on  September 10, 2021.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

The University Archives, has returned to regularly scheduled open hours.  Because of staffing shortages it is always advisable to contact the archives in advance to make sure they will have your materials available and ready. 

Tell Us Your Story!

The Ferris State University Archives is looking for your story as a member of the Ferris community about your experiences during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Whether is a letter, story, photo or video we would be eager to accept it. We have no records of the 1918 flu pandemic and want to make sure future generations can find out more about this historic period.  To submit your stories click on this form.  For more information about the project look here.





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