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Bachelor & Master of Science in Nursing

This program is available to FSU students in the RN to BSN Completion Program. It is recommended that applicants to the MSN program have two (2) years full-time clinical nursing experience, but this is not required.

RN to MSN Accelerated Track Progression/Application Process

  1. Apply and be accepted into the RN to BSN Completion Program
  2. Let your advisor know you are interested in pursuing the RN to MSN Accelerated Track Program.
  3. Complete RN to MSN course bridgework:
    • NURS 320 Professional Nursing Skill Development: 3 credit
    • NURS 324 Transition into Professional Nursing: 3 credits
    • Service Learning Project
    • NURS 310 Population Based Health Promotion: 3 credits
    • COHP 350 Statistics in Health Care: 3 credits
    • NURS 340 Community Nursing: 3 credits
    • COHP 450 Evidence based Health Care: 3 credits
    • NURS 440 Leadership in Nursing: 3 credits
  4. Complete general education credits required:
    • Communication Competence: 12 credits
    • Scientific Understanding: 7 credits
    • Social Awareness Electives: 9 credits
    • Cultural Enrichment Electives: 9 credits
  5. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all your NURS courses.
  6. Apply to the MSN Program at the beginning of your last semester of course bridgework.