RN to MSN Accelerated Track FAQ

  • The RN to MSN accelerated track is a hybrid of two existing degree programs at Ferris for Registered Nurses (RNs) who enter the profession after completion of an associate degree or diploma nursing program. The RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Completion program and the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs are combined to provide all of the necessary components to allow an accelerated trajectory to the MSN as the terminal nursing degree at Ferris. Upon completion of this track, the student is awarded both the BSN degree and the MSN degree.

  • If the student meets the admission requirements for the MSN program after completion of the BSN bridging courses (see FAQ # 5), the student is not required to take 10 NURS credits that are at the end of the RN to BSN program. This equates to a savings of two semesters in the part-time RN to BSN program. The rationale for this allowance is that students who are academically prepared will still be able to successfully demonstrate mastery of the outcomes for these courses, but at a higher level in the MSN program.

  • No. All students start by applying to the RN to BSN Completion program initially. Upon successful completion of the BSN bridging coursework, the student can apply for admission to the MSN program. In addition to the BSN bridging coursework, students must also complete all of the general education (liberal arts) courses for the BS degree and maintain a minimal GPA of 3.0 to qualify for admission to the MSN program.

  • The RN to MSN track is not required for all students seeking the BSN degree. It is just an option for those students who know that they want to complete this degree after the BSN degree anyway. The good news is that students have some time to decide if this is the right option for them while they complete the 300-level NURS courses and other designated general education courses. It is always advised that students investigate any academic program they are considering.

  • The BSN Bridging course work is a combination of nursing (NURS) course and all of the general education (liberal arts) requirements for the BS degree:

    Students must complete the following courses & program requirements from the RN to BSN Completion program check sheet:

    • NURS 320 RN to BSN Skills Acquisition: 3 credits
    • NURS 324 Transition into Professional Nursing: 3 credits
    • NURS 310 Population Based Health Promotion: 3 credits
    • COHP 350 Epidemiology & Statistics: 3 credits
    • NURS 340 Community Nursing: 3 credits
    • COHP 450 Evidence-Based Health Practice: 3 credits
    • NURS 440 Leadership in Nursing: 3 credits (preferred choice)
    • Prepare Service Learning Paper using this RN to MSN Accelerated program Applicant Service Learning Synthesis Paper Rubric .

    Students must also complete the following general education requirements for the BS degree at Ferris. Note that many of these credits will transfer in as part of the original AAS Nursing degree, but there are some upper division requirements that are not part of the associate degree:

    • Communication Competence: 12 credits
    • Scientific Understanding: 7 credits
    • Social Awareness Electives: 9 credits
    • Cultural Enrichment Electives: 9 credits

    Students are urged to consult their academic advisor for the RN to BSN Completion program to assure that they meet all of the requirements above.

  • Students can apply for admission consideration to the MSN during the semester when they are completing their last BSN Bridging Courses and BSN program requirements. See the MSN program web page for the application guidelines or contact the CAHS Off-Campus Student Support person for additional guidance in this process.

  • We accept 20 MSN students (plus 3 alternates) in the fall and spring semesters. Only completed applications are reviewed after April 30th and October 31st. We review applications in the order of the application date. If there are more than 20 applicants your application may go into the pool for the next semester. We will make our final decisions by June 1st (for fall) and December 1st (for spring semesters).

    What happens if I start the accelerated track for the MSN program, but can’t finish all of the courses? Can I just earn the BSN degree instead?

    Yes, but in order to earn the BSN degree you would be required to complete the remaining requirements for that degree as specified on the RN to BSN completion check-sheet. In other words, the early MSN courses would not be substituted for the BSN degree nursing requirements.

  • The initial contact person for the RN-MSN program is Lori Kelsey in the College of Health Professions Dean's office. Email her at [email protected] or call her at 231-591-2733