RN to Bachelor of Science (BSN) Completion Program

The program is designed for Registered Nurses who were originally prepared at the associate degree or diploma level. Students in the program graduate from various nursing programs across the United States and generally work 30 or more hours per week.  

The accredited RN to BSN completion program is student-oriented, with a learner-centered approach. This approach allows for coursework relevant to the current work environment. The program begins with a course on skills acquisition and students are introduced to the required expertise necessary for success in the upper level courses. Subsequent courses prepare students to make evidence-based decisions that improve the quality and safety of the individual as well as the population aggregate. In addition, the overall curriculum integrates leadership concepts, developing the student into the role of nurse leader.

For additional information, please explore the information on the comprehensive RN to BSN program website.

If you have further questions please contact the RN to BSN program advisor:

Lori Jenema at [email protected] or (231) 591-2733 (Office)

We look forward to helping you reach your educational goals!

Becky Johnson Himes, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN
RN-BSN Program Coordinator