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Elective Option: Study Abroad in Finland or New Zealand

NURS 316 Transcultural Nursing

Course Description

Experiential immersion in transcultural nursing provides the professional nursing student with the opportunity to study the influence of culture and health policy on the health of populations outside of North America.

Course Outcomes and Assessment Plan

  1. Applies knowledge and selected concepts from nursing and social sciences in analysis of cultural concepts in care of culturally defined populations.
  2. Uses diversity concepts to analyze the concepts related to culturally competent nursing and health care.
  3. Uses appropriate transcultural nursing models to examine one or more specific cultures.
  4. Demonstrates the use of effective collaboration skills in exploring transcultural nursing with colleagues in a variety of health care settings.
  5. Examines culturally competent health care within an ethical framework.
  6. Critically examines the influence of health policy on the health of diverse populations.

Course Outline including Time Allocation

3 Didactic Credits = 45 hours

  • Preparation for travel (5 hours)
    1. Examines & selects appropriate transcultural nursing model as framework for immersion experience.
    2. Studies the culture to be visited using the model selected.
    3. Prepares personal learning objectives for the experience.
  • Travel to the selected country (35 hours)
    1. Interacts with professional peers in selected settings
    2. Observes health care facilities and practices in a variety of settings
    3. Takes part in selected activities to increase awareness of culture under study
  • Post travel synthesis (5 hours)
    1. Selects an appropriate method to demonstrate attainment of course and personal goals for practicum.