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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission of the School of Nursing

Building on the mission, vision and values of Ferris State University and the College of Health Professions, the mission of the School of Nursing is to provide innovative and relevant undergraduate and graduate nursing programs that prepare graduates for roles in current professional nursing practice and who can effectively respond and contribute to future changes in the nursing profession and the health care delivery system.

Vision of the School of Nursing

The School of Nursing’s vision is to be recognized as a leader in innovative and scholarly nursing education at the undergraduate and graduate levels with programming that is evidence-based and globally focused in design while remaining responsive to the diverse needs of the student population, the profession of nursing and an evolving health care delivery system.

Values of the School of Nursing

To fulfill its vision, the School of Nursing embraces the core values of the university which are conceptualized to support professional nursing education and practice:

Collaboration: The School of Nursing values collaboration among educational disciplines to provide relevant nursing education programs. Collaboration among interprofessional health disciplines is valued as a critical component of the delivery of patient care that reflects quality and safety.

Diversity: The School of Nursing is committed to recruit and retain a diverse population of students and faculty prepared to serve a diverse population and to embrace a diversity of ideas, beliefs and cultures.

Ethical Community: The School of Nursing is committed to the development of a professional nurse who will practice within the Nursing Code of Ethics and whose practice is guided by the values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity and social justice.

Excellence: The School of Nursing is committed to provide nursing programs that are built upon and responsive to established standards of practice and professional performance. The cultivation of both scholarship and service among faculty and students that supports the advancement of the profession is highly valued.

Learning: The School of Nursing values education that is learner-centered and incorporates current evidence-based practices in nursing and liberal arts education. The School of Nursing embraces the use of technology in the delivery of instruction to support the patient care environment. Finally, the ideal of lifelong learning is valued as an integral component of professionalism.

Opportunity: The School of Nursing is committed to provide opportunity for both career entry and career advancement within the profession of nursing and to deliver nursing programs that prepare professional nurses to practice in a rapidly changing global health care environment.

Reviewed: August 20, 2018