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Live Data - on Digital Signage

Connecting to a Live Data Source

  1. Save your Excel file to the M-Drive. (Tip: Don’t put spaces between the words you use as headings. These will be used to pull information from the spreadsheet and to organize it in Content Manager.) Saving the file to the M-Drive allows you to edit the Live Data content without ever needing to touch or redeploy signs within Content Manager.
  2. In the Live Data Properties dialog box, connect the URL to the file located on the M-Drive.
  3. For the Data Format option, choose ‘Excel spreadsheet’.
  4. If you have more than one sheet saved on the file, Content Manager will ask you which sheet you would like to use. Select the sheet you want and then select ‘OK’.
  5. Select ‘OK’ and your Live Data file should be added to your content list.

Creating a Live Data Layout

  1. Right click on the Live Data content and select 'Edit Source Content Layout...'
  2. Standard fields are always italicized to distinguish them from source data fields. Drag and drop 'Markup Text' into the top text box (this is a title section and will always appear on the top of your content layout).
  3. The text box below the title section is the 'row' section. This is where your data will appear and sets the standard for how you want each row of data to look.
  4. In the row section, drag an drop 'Markup Text' into the row region. To add a piece of content put these brackets '{' around the heading that you want to place. (Tip: Make sure that your heading name is exactly the same as the option shown above in the Data Feed. Ex. {Location}, {Contactinformation}, {StartTime}, {EndTime}, etc.)

Grouping Live Data using Group by Band

  1. In the lower left hand corner of the Live Data layout editor, click on the Options tab.
  2. Click 'Add Group By Band'
  3. A new field will appear in the layout under the Title
  4. Drag 'Markup text' into the region and put the data type that you want to be grouped together (Ex. {Location}, {StartTime}, etc.)