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Why are my screen's regions are dark?

  1. Do you have enough content on your sign? Your sign may have run out of content to play and may need more content. Check Content Manager to make sure that your sign has content populating the blank regions
  2. If there is content in the region, is it scheduled? Look to the right of the Network Overview at the Timeline Panel. If there are no yellow bars, your content may be unscheduled. 
  3. If Content Manager seems to be working properly and there are items scheduled, try resetting your player. The player should be located behind the sign - it looks like a little white box. Towards the top (probably on the side closest to you) there should be a button that you can feel. Push and hold it to turn off the sign. Wait until the sign is completely off and then push the button again to turn it back on. The Content Player will reboot and your sign should be restored. This often happens after having network problems or after a power outage.