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Writing Center Staff

Meet the Staff

Joshua Brady, Adjunct Writing  Instructor

A little about me: I've been with the Ferris State Writing Center as an adjunct since November of 2023. I got my bachelor's here at Ferris State and my master's degree in Art History at the University of Iowa. In Iowa, I worked at the Writing Center as a tutor and coordinator in addition to teaching introductory Rhetoric.  I like to spend my free time cooking, gaming, hiking, playing pickleball, and visiting museums.

My Writing Specialties: I can help with a variety of writing, though my favorite subjects are rhetoric, art history, history, and the humanities. Some other strengths of mine include helping with your research process, developing essays for applications, technical writing, grant writing, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style.

Josh Brady in front of mountains

Ericka Roberts, Adjunct Writing Instructor

A little about me:  I've worked as a writing specialist with the FSU Writing Center since August 2011. I earned my Bachelor of English degree with a minor in French and minor equivalency in German from FSU in 2009. In my free time, I enjoy both reading and writing, primarily in the fantasy genre, and playing tabletop roleplaying games. 

My Writing Specialties: Given my varied interests, I enjoy the opportunity to read papers from a wide range of academic disciplines. I am familiar with APA and MLA formats and have occasionally worked with CMS and NLM formats. My areas of special interest include language and linguistics, psychology, and creative writing. 

Ericka Roberts Staff Picture

Brittany Gwisdala, Adjunct Writing INstructor

A little about me:  As a Ferris alumna of History with a minor in French Language and Literature (2015), I earned my MA in History at Central Michigan University (2019). I have been with the Ferris State Writing Center since January 2023. I also split my time at FSU’s Ready for Life Academy as an Instructional Assistant, where I have been employed since August 2021. I like to spend my free time writing, drawing, playing video games, and expanding my knowledge as a Plague enthusiast.

My Writing Specialties: I am flexible in many areas of writing, though my specialties focus primarily on history  and the humanities. My other strengths are analytical essays, research, thesis building, resumes and cover letters, and referencing in Chicago Manual Style. 

Brittany Gwisdala with her arms folded

Saddie Knaffle, Student writing Consultant 

A little about me: I started working at the Ferris State Writing Center in October of 2023. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree here at Ferris State and am currently working on a second bachelor's degree in nursing. After I graduate, I plan to attend a master's program to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. In my free time I like to find unique places to explore nature, bake sweet treats, and hang out with friends and family. 

My Writing Specialties:  I have had the opportunity to help others with their writing pieces since my senior year of high school in 2019. I can help with many different writing styles, but I have the most experience working with pieces that deal with healthcare and/or psychology. I can also help with finding sources, APA style, grammar/punctuation, and the overall flow of your writing pieces. 

Sadie Knaffle standing on a bridge in front of the city.

Chloe Powers, Student Writing Consultant

A little about me: I have been working at the Writing Center since the spring of 2024. My major here at Ferris is Psychology, but I plan on going to PA school after I graduate. In my free time I love going to antique stores, being a plant mom, hiking with friends, and traveling to new places!

My Writing Specialties: I have had experience with many different types of writing before, but I especially enjoy working with informative and analytical papers. My favorite topics are medicine, history, and psychology. I am also well-versed in APA and MLA formatting.

Chloe Powers holding a coconut

Justin Vance, Adjunct Writing Instructor

Theo Wyroba, Student Writing Consultant

Will Garason, Student Writing Consultant

Delaney Johnston, Student Writing Consultant

David Marquard, Writing Center Director

Missy Mitchell, Adjunct Writing INstructor