Pro-Mo- TEd Program

Professional Modularized Teacher Education (Pro-Mo-TEd)

Program overview

ProMoTEd is a program designed to offer working students a unique opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Education degree in Technical Education and/or possibly Secondary Certification. Students complete the Professional Education course sequence within 12 months using a blended instructional design that includes intensive direct instruction, on-line education and project-based learning. All courses are offered in a one credit module.

The program is run in cohorts which begins with an intensive two-week summer semester in face-to-face format. The program continues in the Fall and Spring terms with course work offered in an on-line format and pre-teaching field experiences. Students then return to campus for another one-two week intensive summer session for additional face-to-face course work.

Once students have completed all other requirements for graduation they will then enroll in their directed teaching experience along with a seminar to complete their degree requirements.


If you are interested in this program you must complete the on-line application, you must fulfill one of the following requirements for admissions:

  1. An Associates degree with a minimum of 40 semester hours in an occupational major with a minimum grade point average or 2.5 or demonstrated competence as documented by the MOCAC or professional certification or licensure.
  2. An Associates degree or 56 transferrable credits including intermediate algebra and two semesters of English composition.

Average time commitment

You will need to access your on-line course material about three times per week per course.

Is online learning right for me?

While there is flexibility in learning online, it demands a disciplined approach. Instructors approach class differently, most require that you participate in some online interaction weekly. Assignments are given and received online. Students are responsible for much more of their own learning with guidance from the instructor. Having good computer skills and equipment as well as time management are a must for success. Program Computer requirements: To be successful in this program you need the following computer related skills and hardware.

  • Basic word processing skills
  • Basic computer skills that include use of the web, email including attachments
  • Ability to upload and download to and from the web
  • Internet access– DSL or satellite are strongly recommended. Dial up will cause delays or difficulty accessing some information.

Pro-Mo-TEd Application



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  • '10 Cohort Yr #1
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  • '09 Cohort Yr #2
  • '09 Cohort Graduation, May 7, 2012