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Criminal Justice Master of Administration Alumnus Begins Service on School Safety Task Force

Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson. a 2010 graduate of Ferris State University’s Master of Criminal Justice Police Administration, joined with Michigan State Police Director Kriste Kibbey Etue and nine other initial appointees to form the School Safety Task Force.

Johnson, who is the chief of staff and executive director of public safety and school security for the Grand Rapids Public Schools, was named to the task force on behalf of school administrators by Gov. Rick Snyder. Johnson said skills learned at the Ferris-Grand Rapids campus will be an asset in his effort to collaborate with his peers on this special panel.

The executive order that created the task force sought “structural and policy recommendations for planning and assessment of school infrastructure and safety policies.” The duties of the force also include analysis “of top-performing states, to determine best practices for law enforcement and preventative policies.”

“We have a significant opportunity to shape policy, practices and procedures, so that there is a real benefit for children across the state,” Johnson said. “It is a critical charge, and I look forward to working with the task force as we take up this difficult task.”