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The Rules Change

In a talk at the beginning of the term in September 1931, Dean E.J. Parr explained a new set of guidelines for male student behavior. "You will not be treated as children," he said, pointing out that Ferris Institute students were expected to have a stronger sense of responsibility than is usually possessed by those in high school. His guidelines were:

  1. Be in your seat for roll call at 7:55 every morning. Noon roll call was discontinued last summer and will not be used again if full cooperation is given in the morning.
  2. Classes may be changed or dropped only with permission of the instructor and the head of the department.
  3. All class programs must be filed with Registrar Baker.
  4. Excuses from roll call or absences from classes may be granted by the President, but an accurate record of these is kept for reference with outside recommendations requested.
  5. Habitual absences or tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in suspension.
  6. No smoking will be allowed on the campus except during certain school parties when a smoking room will be furnished.
  7. All students are urged to consult their instructor for personal help.

Things were indeed forging ahead as far as student conduct codes were concerned.

At the same time regulations for women students were revised following a pattern used by other colleges and universities. The purpose of the girls' regulations was to assure parents that some effort was being made to supervise the life of the girls outside of school hours and to provide some uniformity of rules among householders.

"No smoking will be allowed on campus except during certain school parties."


Girls were to be in their rooms by 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Any absence from their rooms after that time was by special permit. If a girl was reported by the faculty to be doing unsatisfactory work, her evening privileges were suspended.

The time limit for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening was 11:30 except for dancing parties held under the auspices of the school, or other dancing parties approved by the "Executive Board" of the school.

The girls might entertain "gentlemen friends" on the first floor of their rooming houses in a suitable room provided by the householder. It was suggested that the gentlemen leave by 10:30 p.m. as a courtesy to the householder.

Permission for absence from town over weekends was granted by a "Girls' Committee."

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