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Pat on the Back Awards October 2012

Congratulations to -

I'd like to nominate Linda Lamontagne for a Pat on the Back award.
She has been very helpful educating and training me in my new position here at Ferris and assisting our department in our time of transition. For that, we say thank you!

I would like to nominate Tom Morris and Linda Ferguson, would like to thank you for the great job you did in our building here Granger and look amazing after our big event. Great Job and thank you very much.

I would like to nominate Dan Sims and Denise Sims, Thanks for making the floors here at Prakken look great. Thank you very much. Great Job.

I nominate Lorie Callcut for a Pat-On-the-Back Award. Her hard work and dedication made the Flint Summer Open House a big success. She oversaw, worked on, and completed everything from the mailing process (even labeled over 1300 postcards!), to the food order and the pre-event office cleaning, preparation and decoration. To top it off, she put in a 12 hour day to make sure the event ran smoothly and was adequately covered. Her hospitality and enthusiasm were appreciated by staff and guests alike. Thanks, Lorie. It could not have happened without you!

I nominate Tim Holland for doing such a great job on the floors here at Starr. Great Job. Thank you

I want to nominate Pam Marvel and Mark Lunsted for doing a great job on the windows. Thank you they look Amazing.

I would like to recommend Charles Debault for a Pat on the Back award, for moving my computer back into my office in a very timely and efficient manner. Also for clearing up an annoying problem with my computer, he is a great asset to our computer support team.

I would like to nominate Terry Langan, College of Education and Human Services, for following through on a problem that others passed by. Her determination and perseverance was very much appreciated and her actions opened up opportunities for the individual involved. Thank you!

And to all the custodial staff thank you so much for all you do. I know we may not always take the time to let you know but we all thank you very much. In all of our buildings here on campus. Thank you all.


This month's POTB t-shirt winners are: Linda Lamontagne, Tom Morris, Linda Ferguson, Dan Sims, Denise Sims, Lorie Callcut, Tim Holland, Pam Marvel, Mark Lunsted, Charles Debault and Terry Langan!