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Pat on the Back Awards February 2013

Congratulations to -

I would like to nominate Jeff Stirn for the Pat-On-The-Back Award. Jeff is a Food Service Stockroom Coordinator and transports food and equipment where needed on campus. Jeff works in the outdoor elements every day and navigates the horrible traffic jams that occur at the beginning and end of each semester. Jeff is our go-to person whenever we have a missing ingredient for a recipe. Jeff will interrupt his busy daily activities and go wherever he needs to, in order to acquire what we need (which is often needed 5 minutes before we even call him). Thank you Jeff for all of your hard work behind the scenes, and your tremendous sense of humor.

I would like to nominate Christy Bregg (Swn 217 FSU Printing) for the exemplary customer service she showed our department. We needed last minute printing needs and she went over and above during Christmas break!! She offered her services to help expedite both our design and printing needs she even hand delivered our order! She truly deserves a pat-on-the-back for her diligence to the best customer service on campus. Thank you Christy.

I would like to nominate Debbie Lunsted for a Pat-On-The-Back Award.  Debbie is always friendly, welcoming and ready to assist.  She goes above and beyond to not only answer any questions I have and solve my problems, but she will typically go a step further to offer assistance that totally "Wows" me!  It is a true pleasure to work with her!

I am nominating Linda Golden for the Pat-on-the Back award. She went out of her way to help me. I had sent her an email unaware that she was out sick, and through her diligence by email, she helped pave the way with our Conlin travel agent and I was able to secure travel arrangements in a very timely manner. Linda, You always rock--healthy or sick! :)

I would like to nominate Craig Bowman, Culinary Specialist in the Department of Dining Service Enterprises for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Craig was on his way home when he witnessed a car/pedestrian accident in front of the Business Building. He had a pressing appointment, but, stopped anyway. Craig, and an unidentified student, kneeled together in the middle of the street while the rain poured down on them. They were soaked to the skin from the rain and the blood as the two of them administered first aid, called 911, and waited for the emergency responders. Many people looked on in horror, but, few acted to assist. Craig was one of the few.

This month's POTB t-shirt winners are:  Jeff Stirn, Christy Bregg, Debbie Lunsted, Linda Golden, and Craig Bowman!