Meal Plans

family dining

Students dining together is an important part of the college experience by encouraging opportunities for social interactions and learning with others around the meal table.

Meal X-Change gives students the option to use a meal swipe for a meal to-go at the Snack Shack, Erbert & Gerbert's, the Food Truck, Grill Pit, or the Market. Takeout is available at the Quad Cafe.

Anytime Meal Plans 2019-2020

All residence hall residing, incoming freshmen who are not 19 years old before September 1 of the current academic year are able to select from the following unlimited access Anytime Meal Plans. Many students elect to purchase an all you care to eat meal plan after their first year. Purchase your meal plan in MyHousing using MyFSU.

   Bronze  Silver  Gold  Platinum
Semester cost $2,293  $2,293  $2,445  $2,623
Per meal cost  $7.59  $5.50  $5.40 $5.30
Days per week  5  7  7  7
Dining Dollars  $100  $25  $175   $350 
 Guest meals  4  4  8  12

Express Meal Plans 2019-2020

Express Meal Plans and Bulldog Bucks are designed to accommodate the needs of students living on or off campus. Meals are used in our residential restaurants, The Rock Café and the Quad Café and roll over from year to year. The more you purchase, the less you pay per meal. Purchase Express Meals or Bulldog Bucks at the Dining Office, at the Timme Center or online through the marketplace.

Express Meals​
  25 Meals  50 Meals  75 Meals  125 Meals
Total cost $210 $390 $542 $997
Per Meal cost $8.40 $7.80 $7.23 $6.98
Bulldog Bucks  X  X  X  $125

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars come with specific meal plans and can be used in Ferris Dining operations. Dining Dollars are good for the entire academic year and expire at the end of spring semester. When you run out, purchase Bulldog Bucks which can be used within dining.

Bulldog Bucks

Add Bulldog Bucks for use at our retail locations including:

  • Quad Food Court featuring Grill Pit and the Snack Shack
  • Erbert & Gerberts
  • Starbucks
  • The Market featuring Freshens
  • Founders Grille
  • Vending

Bulldog Bucks roll over from year to year. Get an additional 10% in Bulldog Bucks for deposits $100 and greater.

Purchase Bulldog Bucks

Combination Plan

Get creative and select an Express Meal Plan and Bulldog Bucks.

2019-20 Dining Rates (pdf)

Summer Meal Plans 2019

 Plan Total Cost Cost Per Meal Dining Dollars
Anytime $1,479 $5.48 $0
125 Express $982  $6.86 $125
75 Express  $534  $7.12  $0
 50 Express $384 $7.68  $0
25 Express $207 $8.28  $0

Note: Pricing is effective on the first day of the academic school year. Express Meals, Dining Dollars, and Bulldog Bucks are non-refundable.