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University Student Complaint Policy

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Owner Academic Affairs
Contact [email protected]
Document Type Policy
Issue Date March 4, 2020
Last Review March 4, 2020
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  1. Policy
  2. Audience
  3. Contacts
  4. History

A. Policy

Ferris State University is committed to addressing student complaints in a timely manner. All students have the right to initiate a complaint. Students are encouraged to resolve concerns informally themselves by first talking directly with the University representative involved. Ferris State University distinguishes between student complaints and student appeals of college policies and decisions.

Student Complaint Procedures

A student who has attempted to resolve the issue informally and was unable to do so, may file a formal written complaint. This should be done as soon as possible after attempting to resolve the issue informally, but within six months of the occurrence.

Formal complaints must be filed in writing with the direct supervisor of the person with whom the informal complaint was lodged. Written complaints should include an overview of the situation, summary of informal resolution process and the complainants signature. 

This policy does not apply to complaints regarding unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, and other sexual misconduct allegations.  All allegations regarding unlawful discrimination and sexual misconduct involving employees should be directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity, MCK-109, (231) 591-2152. All other sexual misconduct allegations (those involving students, guests, volunteers, etc.) should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator, 129 UCB, (231) 591-2088.

Student Confidentiality

If a student does not want to personally or directly contact a University employee, to discuss a complaint, they may contact the person in the next highest level of authority, which would commonly be the supervisor (department chair, director, dean, associate vice president/provost). The student can request a meeting or send a signed written description of the issue and request that their identity be kept confidential. Efforts will be made to keep confidentiality, but doing so may limit the options to take action. 

B. Audience

The intended audience for this policy are students, faculty, and staff. 

C. Contacts

For help with or assistance in filing:

Big Rapids Academic Complaints

Contact: Associate Provost of Academic Operations, CSS-310, (231) 591-2300

Big Rapids Non-Academic Complaints

Contact: Dean of Student Life, DEC 129, (231) 591-2686

Statewide and Online Academic and Non-Academic Complaints

Contact: Associate Dean, Extended and International Operations, PRK 120, (231) 591-2502

Kendall Academic and Non-Academic Complaints

Contact: Dean of Academic Affairs, KDL-764, (616) 259-1265

D. History

This is a new policy on March 4, 2020.