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Bulldog Statue with FSU Sign Backdrop

Bulldog Mascot Program

Official Home for Brutus the Bulldog

The SAGC organizes and oversees all mascot events for Ferris State University. Members of the club serve as official "Dawg Handlers" for Brutus at all the events that he attends.

If you would like to have Brutus make an appearance at one of your events, please click on the following link to review our policies and fill out a reservation form.* If you have any questions, please contact our mascot coordinator at [email protected] or 231-591-3815.

*Due to an increasing demand for the mascot and extenuating circumstances regarding scheduling conflicts, availability is limited. The mascot is prioritizing event requests accordingly and we appreciate your understanding if your request is denied based on scheduling or availability conflicts. 

I want Brutus at my event!

Brutus Arms-out Photo

Do you have what it takes to be Brutus? We are currently searching for qualified applicants for Fall 2021!

Apply Today!

Are you a fan of Brutus? Become his friend on the Official Facebook page for Brutus Ferris!