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Hall Director Curriculum

Residence Life at Ferris State University is committed to establishing inclusive and educational communities of citizen scholars which support the Mission and Core Values of the University. The following initiatives are the foundations of our work: academic initiatives, living environment, holistic development, recognizing and embracing diversity, and global awareness. Through the five foundations of our purpose statement, the Hall Directors autonomously facilitate learning in our residence hall communities. In return, Hall Directors receive a commitment to their holistic development as student affairs professional.

The Hall Director (HD) will develop professional skills at Ferris State University which will be demonstrated by the following:

  • The Hall Director will understand the Hall Director position and the impact this position has on the campus of Ferris State University.
    • The HD will demonstrate a commitment to Ferris State University.
    • The HD will be intentional and purposeful in their professional development.
    • The HD will meet all expectations of the position.
    • The HD will facilitate and lead a Residence Life committee.
    • The HD will actively participate as part of the Residence Life team.
  • The Hall Director will encourage safety and maintain safety in the Residence Hall.
    • The HD will actively participate in campus duty.
    • The HD will educate on and implement safety protocols in the residence halls.
    • The HD will facilitate crisis management in emergency situations.
    • The HD will be a conduct officer in the on campus conduct process with the ability to expel students.
    • The HD will maintain administrative responsibilities of the position.
  • The Hall Director will obtain and utilize the skills needed to facilitate and maintain an inclusive community in the Residence Halls.
    • The HD will understand the educative model of learning in residence Life.
    • The HD will supervise student staff members that include: resident advisors, community advisors, desk services managers, desk service assistants.
    • The HD will advise an active student hall governance program.
    • The HD will educate and maintain the Residence Life programming model in the residence halls.
    • The HD will mediate conflict resolution in the Residence Halls.
    • The HD will educate and facilitate honest and courageous dialogue.