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ADHD Assessment

Current FSU students seeking an ADHD assessment at the PCC must first be referred from the Birkam Health Center (BHC). Thus, the student’s first contact will be with a medical professional in the BHC to discuss their concerns related to ADHD symptoms. During this initial appointment the medical professional will offer a brief assessment of the student’s symptoms. This brief assessment will include the Conners’ ADHD Self-Report Screening Rating Scale and/or another similar assessment. If in the medical professional's opinion the student is experiencing ADHD symptoms, which significantly impact the student’s functioning (i.e. student performing below average academically) he/she will use this data to warrant the referral to the PCC for a full ADHD assessment.

If the student is not a patient of the BHC he/she may have their primary care physician make this referral using a similar protocol.