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Create a Fundraising Team

The first step to a successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is to recruit supporters to be ambassadors for your cause. Not only do teams raise more money for your cause, but they add fun and competition to fundraising.


How to assemble your team.

  • Reach out to your most committed supporters first. A personal email or phone call shows how important these people are to your cause.

  • Talk to Others. Have a meeting to gather like-minded students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends to join your team and officially sign-up through the One Day for DAWGS platform. You can forward these step-by-step instructions.

  • Collaborate. Other teams and departments can work together on a common cause to have a greater impact.

  • Ready, set, plan! Assign roles and start floating ideas for how your team can most effectively share the responsibilities.

  • Get a few people to make their fundraising pages early. It will be easier to recruit more. Potential fundraisers can look to these initial examples for inspiration.

  • Social Networking. Encourage your team members to use their social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to increase fundraising results by as much as 40%. Share these social media tips with your team.

  • Share Samples. Sometimes it is difficult for team members to know what to say to prospective donors. Share some examples from our Share Your Pride content.

  • Recruit. Next, get in touch with your entire community through email. Create a short email asking them to create a fundraiser page of their own.

  • Stay Connected. Follow-up with your team members regularly to see if their is anything they need.

  • Thank Them. After the event, be sure to thank your team members and take the opportunity to keep them connected to your mission and encourage future participation.