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How does an individual fundraiser set up, edit and promote a crowdfunding page?

  • Fill out the online sign up form.  Visit the One Day for DAWGS crowdfund page and select the Join a Team button. The only default required item is an email address to send details that you can use to customize your page later, direct donors to your page, etc.

    Become a Fundraiser form

  • Joining a Team and Personalizing Your Page. After you submit to become a fundraiser, you will be given the option to Join a Team and personalize your page. You will also receive an email with details to customize their personal page later, direct donors to their page, etc. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk folder.

    Join a Team
    Fundraiser email

  • Customize your page. 
    • Upload a picture (a selfie will work!)
    • Set your personal fundraising goal.
    • Write a personal message telling people the impact they can have if they give right now.
    • Click Save to go to the Personalized Fundraiser Page.
  • You will land on your fundraising page where you can invite friends, family, and colleagues to donate to the campaign. You have several communication options available.

    • Individuals can share their page socially to friends and family.

      In the desktop view the icons to share to Facebook, Twitter and through Email will be on the title bar. In the mobile view the icons will be along the bottom with the addition of a Texting option.

      Facebook - Post to your wall to share your fundraiser page with friends and acquaintances.

      Twitter - Tweet to your followers using #Hashtags to increase your viewership.

      Email - Mass email your extended family to help participate in your fundraiser and forward your message to their contact list.

      Text - Message your close friends to immediately engage your most loyal and dedicated resources.

    • Promote signing up with verbal, online and website calls to action.
      Either from the page or from the email the fundraiser has all the communication options at their fingertips. Beyond the buttons they can also reach donors by:

      Verbal/In-person call to action:
      Text the fundraiser's personal keyword shown at the top of the page to 71777 to donate.

      Website call to action:
      Send or share the link (also shown in the email) to the fundraiser's page to donate.