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Apply to Fundraise for Your Cause on One Day for DAWGS

Create Your Team


Here are a few things to consider about your fundraising cause before you apply.


  • What are you fundraising for?  Consider what your needs are and what means most to you. Scholarships, Program Needs, Technology or Equipment needs are just some of the things that teams typically raise funds for. Contact the Advancement Office at [email protected] and they can help you decide where your greatest need lies. 

  • Approval. Make sure that your fundraising cause can be approved by your department, college or the university (and has an existing fund or one that can be created to deposit gifts). Per our fundraising policy, your cause must benefit Ferris students, program needs, technological needs, professional development, travel for university related activities or overall campus improvement.

  • Who will be the Team Captain and main contact for this cause? Who will determine the cause, goal, messaging, set up the team campaign page and follow-up with communications to fundraisers and supporters? Also consider asking team members and/or students to assist in social media postings.
  • Set a goal! Decide on a measurable, attainable, financial goal with a specific need or project in mind that you will be communicating to your supporters. For example: Our goal is to raise $5,000 to endow the __________scholarship.

  • Identify your target audience. Who in your community can you count on to get involved and promote this campaign? Who are your prospective donors that you would like to reach for support?