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Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet - Cybersafe

Cyber Safe: Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Cybersafe Video

About Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet is a film retelling the fable of “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” The animation teaches children that people online may not be who they seem. Funded by a Merit Grant from The Ferris Foundation, the project is intended to instill behaviors in children that will help prevent them from becoming victims of cyber predators. Students in Assistant Professor of Social Work Elizabeth Post’s class wrote the film’s script. Members of the Alpha Psi Omega Theater Honor Society provided voiceovers. A team from the Music and Entertainment Business program, led by Assistant Professor Paul Kwant, is providing the film’s musical score, and Sports Entertainment Hospitality Management Assistant Professor and university Coalition Against Slavery co-chair Karyn Kiio provided operational assistance. The video animation was produced by Ferris State University 1983 alum Duane Weed from DW Video in Howard City.

Helpful Tips

  • Ask your parent or guardian before downloading games or making profiles.
  • Do not use personal information when making a username or naming characters. For example, AlexAllAnimalSoccer77 says a lot about you. Instead Socceriscool77 does not reveal your name or location.
  • Set a safety word with your parent or guardian for when you are going to be picked up places. Do not go with anyone who does not know this safety word.
  • Do not reveal personal information to strangers, including your phone number, name, birthday, or where you live or go to school.
  • Do not open up about personal struggles or problems to people online. Remember that people are not always who they say they are.
  • Remember that anything you post online can be accessed by anyone, even if it appears to be a private website or profile. Once you put something online, it is permanent and stays there forever
  • Do not meet up with someone in person that you met online before talking with your parent about it. If you ever feel uncomfortable or in danger online or in person, tell a trusted adult.

Also available at – A Parents Guide to Protecting Their Kids Online


Cyber Safe Film: Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Funded by The Ferris Foundation

Based on Aesop’s fable The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Produced and Directed

DW Video and Multimedia


Frank Krywicki

Executive Producer and Project Coordinator

Hira Herrington, PhD, College of Business


Colin Assink

Voca Ford

Lilia Herdegen

April Wilson


Kathryn Meidt

Professor in Charge of Script

Elizabeth Post, MSW, College of Arts and Sciences


Alicia Drumm

Megan Monroe

Sarah Nestell

Haley Kihn

Music and Sound Supervisor

Paul Kwant, MS, College of Business

Recording Engineer

Steven Schaefer

Music Consultant

Katlin Merby


Patty Terryn

Special thanks to Ferris State University’s Coalition Against Slavery


Karyn Kiio, MS, College of Business

Elizabeth Post, MSW, College of Arts and Sciences