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OSM Alumni Spotlight: Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams, B.S. Business Administration, Leadership and Supervision Certificate, 2021

                                                  Benjamin Williams

Benjamin is a 2021 Bachelor of Science Business Administration Graduate with a Leadership and Supervision Certificate! He current works as a Digital Solutions Sales Manager for Stiles Machinery, Inc. In regards to the OSM/lean curriculum he writes, "The curriculum has trained me to look for efficiency increases in many places: in my work and work processes, around my office and even when I visit customers. I'm also finding these skills to be indispensable when it comes to providing value-added services that customers, both internal and external as well as management stakeholders, find really useful. It's turned into a great tool for me to build relationships and become more valuable to others." He also provides some great advice for current/future OSM/lean students: "Since we get what we tolerate, finding ways to maintain good habits and continuing to practice various skills is critical in making them stick, i.e. remembering them. These skills are no different. As you progress and complete the program, I recommend expanding your focus from applying these skills in a professional setting to a personal setting as well. The more you practice these skills, the more you will recognize opportunities to improve. Eventually, you will begin to notice how lean process improvements seem to be all around us, and it just becomes a part of your psyche."

What great advice Benjamin! Thank you for your insightful responses and being a part of our alumni OSM program page! We hope your future endeavors include staying connected with our Ferris community!

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