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Secondary Pre-Student Teaching Requirements

Classroom Experience

Pre-Student teaching field experiences provide an opportunity to experience classroom management, discipline, planning and delivery of content without responsibility of the entire class. Several education courses require field experience hours (outside regular class time). Be sure to see your advisor regarding the hours required and the best time to register for the appropriate course.

Be aware of application deadlines.

EDUC 339 (Instructional Planning and Practice - 45 hours - Undergraduate Level)

EDUC 439 (Instructional Theory into Practice - 45 hours - Undergraduate Level)

EDUC 502 (Pre-Teaching Field Experience - 75 hours - Graduate Level)

Guidelines for a Successful Field Experience:

  • Contact the teacher/principal as soon as possible (within 1-3 days).
  • When you meet with the teacher/principal, project interest, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Present yourself as a professional educator in dress and behavior.
  • Explain in detail what your needs/responsibilities will be to complete this Field Experience successfully (Refer to information sheet provided by your instructor).
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times during your Field Experience.
  • Thank and show your appreciation to your mentor teacher throughout the experience.