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Partnering with the School of Education

Public School Teachers Partnering with the School of Education at Ferris State University

The Field Placement Office arranges placements for pre-student teachers and student teachers. Field experiences are essential and important components of our teacher-training programs. Because mentor teachers have a significant influence on the quality of preservice teacher development, we need master teachers in all academic and technical areas each semester.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationship with our teachers, schools and districts. We need master teachers who have a strong commitment to educating our students and a sincere desire to be a valued partner with the School of Education.

We warmly welcome qualified master teachers to join us in the training of new teachers:

  • Minimum of three (3) years teaching experience
  • Certified and teaching in the appropriate subject area and grade level
  • Recommended by the principal or administration

For a brief overview of the Field Placement Office process for placements, responsibilities of mentor teachers, principals, students and university instructors, please click here to watch the Student Teacher Placement and Field Experience Video.

Although we are constantly revising and updating information as we receive your feedback and new information, we hope you will find the information in our Pre-Student Teaching Guide and Student Teaching Guide helpful.

Public school teachers who partner with us are welcome to access Education Resources from FLITE (Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education).

We welcome any comments and suggestions you have concerning our teacher education programs. You may refer to the directory for a complete list, including all campuses.

On behalf of the School of Education at Ferris State University, we appreciate your interest and willingness to partner with us to help our student teachers reach their academic and professional goals. Please contact us!