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Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Graduates will demonstrate exceptional communication skills as demonstrated by written pieces in the program portfolio, including a personal philosophy statement, a skills assessment statement, as well as selected pieces of writing that demonstrate specific competencies of the individual's academic plan and general education.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate exceptional presentation skills both in an oral presentation in the electronic portfolio that demonstrates the individual's specific competencies as outlined in his or her academic plan as well the ability to articulate the interrelatedness of the separate disciplines within the academic plan.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate self-assessment skills and the ongoing development of those skills in the program portfolio both in reflective journal assignments and semester assessment rubrics.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate team building skills as demonstrated through cooperative learning experiences in the orientation and capstone courses as well as individual service learning experiences.
  5. Graduates will demonstrate discipline competencies including knowledge of content area as well as the ability to use the language of the specific disciplines demonstrated through selected works in the portfolio.

Individual Learning Outcomes

Students will identify specific learning outcomes related to their planned program of study. These outcomes will be developed as part of the COAS 495 orientation requirement and approved by the Program Coordinator. Assessment of these outcomes will be conducted during the COAS 495 capstone experience.