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Integrative Studies

 Options: Associate, Bachelor's

 Locations: Main Campus, Online

What Is Integrative Studies?

Integrative Studies

The Integrative Studies B.S. is a degree program that allows students of all ages to design a course of study that reflects the mission of Ferris while providing a pathway for students to meet their personal career goals.

The twenty-first-century workforce calls for individuals who have multiple talents who must be flexible and have the ability to contract their skills in a variety of contexts. The Integrative Studies B.S. asks students to focus on multiple capacities that they wish to develop and combine for individualized career paths. While each self-styled program is different, the orientation/capstone experiences and general education core provide commonality, regardless of concentrations. Minors and Associate degrees can be combined to create the individual's program of study. The culminating experience requires students to demonstrate exceptional communication skills, presentation skills, as well as self-assessment skills in order to market themselves in their chosen career path.

In recognition of the changing demands of this new workforce and the need for lifelong learning, students are additionally required to plan for ongoing professional development.