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Luxury Items

The ClockOne of W.N. Ferris' first concerns for the new building was a clock whose ring would signal the beginning and end of classes. Class sessions were 371/2 minutes long, except for the morning exercises which ran 30 minutes.

The clock rang at the beginning of each period and at 21/2 minute intervals between periods.

W.N. was a long time getting delivery of the clock. In 1894 it cost $35. It still works and hangs in the Ferris Historical Room.

Before a month had passed in his new building, Ferris ordered a safe from Detroit. Its cost was $75, with Ferris asking if he could pay for it on monthly installments not to exceed six. The safe is presently in use on the auto service floor of the Trade and Industrial Center.

And W.N. Ferris' attention, to details, no matter how small, is illustrated by this letter:

Feb. 16, 1895
Scott Paper Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa.


I have just been into the leading hotel in this city and examined the device you have for using toilet paper. Having been annoyed by the waste under the present system, I wish to know your terms for six closets. There can be no mistake about what I mean. It is your device for holding paper, and by use of a screw removing a single piece at one time. Your estimates will be given for one half dozen of these machines.

Let me hear from you immediately.

Cordially yours,
W.N. Ferris

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