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Pat on the Back Awards September 2004

Congratulations to —

Ray (Shorty) Hall, Custodian, College of Business. We want him to know how much we appreciate him. Our offices always look great! As a matter of fact our whole building looks great. We have all the COB birthday parties in our suite of offices and we get pretty messy sometimes and Shorty never complains about cleaning up after us. Thanks, Shorty.

Karen Blanzy, Media Production. It is difficult to put into words the pleasure it is to work with Karen as FSU's Graphics Designer (she replaced Jeff Ek). Karen is very customer-friendly and oriented and works diligently to understand exactly what her customers want so that they receive just what they request--this particular quality is extremely important to customers like me who frequently have a concept but not the final product in mind. Another quality that makes her such an asset to FLITE and FSU is her flexibility. The way she juggles projects and responsibilities to ensure that deadlines for top priority projects are met is just short of miraculous--the icing on the cake is that the customer's top priority becomes her top priority; how she manages this major feat is beyond me. FLITE Administrative Services determined to award past members of the FLITE Leadership Team with certificates for their participation on one of FLITE's most important and demanding committees. Within a day, Karen had designed the certificates, obtained the necessary information for completing individual awards, and produced a flawless final product for distribution to award recipients at a building-wide gathering the following day. The posters, signs, and banners her unit produces for projects across campus are professional and top-quality. If you haven't had an opportunity to make use of Media Production and its crew, you have no idea of what you are missing. That unit offers several different formats (signs, posters, postcards, CDs, tapes, etc.) to support the University's educational programs and faculty/staff/student projects. Again, my sincere appreciation to Karen (and the rest of the Media Production crew) for all her hard work and friendly service.

Patti Gum, Student Employee, Public Safety. She is extremely skillful and dedicated in performing various office duties in our office. Patti is a great asset and we will miss her when she graduates. Without her help we would not be able to keep our office running. Thanks, Patti!

Andrew Langenderfer, Technology Assistance Center. His terrific customer service brought about a wonderful accomplishment of dispatching a technician from a different consortia to load software for someone that was out of her office in a training environment. Hats off to Andrew for making sure the job gets done.

Linda Ferguson, Terry Dawson, Rob Doering, Jeff Morey, Tammy Narloch, Jeff Warner, Jodi Nelson, Val Harley, Pam Marvel, Marlene Jehnsen, Jason Gaffney, Denise Wild, Dan Sims, Karen Martin, and Frank Mondrella, Custodians, Physical Plant. On July 13th there was heavy rain fall causing extensive flooding. Everyone worked great as a team to tackle this flood. Some custodians came out of their own areas to lend a hand; and some worked thru their breaks to get the job done. Their initiative and team work greatly minimized the damage that could have occurred. It is this kind of dedication that makes Ferris the great university that it is.

Greg Vodry, Linda Ferguson, Dan Sims and Jason Gaffney, Custodians, Physical Plant. These individuals offered to help out with the last Custodial/ Aerial Lift Training sessions their willingness to help greatly improved the training sessions. They did an excellent job!

Jerry Sholl, Media Production. Jerry spent quite a bit of time this summer photographing the manipulative collection FLITE is housing for the College of Education Early Childhood students. These "toys" range from puppets to rubber critters to a Goldilocks "big book", and the photographs help not only with the cataloging of these unusual items, but thumbnails will be added to our "library catalog" so that students can see the actual material they will be borrowing. Thumbs up to Jerry for a wonderful job!

Eva Copija, Teacher & Coordinator, Intensive English Program, Office of International Affairs. Eva is one of the most reliable persons with whom I have had the pleasure to work in my 35 years of educational experience. She coordinates all the the IEP programs and trips as well as counsels our international students. She is greatly concerned about their welfare and academic progress and successfully aids students with a variety of their problems as they adjust to FSU life and Big Rapids. Eva is an invaluable resource in the Office of International Affairs and in the Intensive English Program.

Cathy Andrews, Heather Youngs, Maryanne Priemer, Chris Higley, Nina Jones, Jean Vallier, Deb Griffith, Barb Rice, Cheryl Richardson, and Laurie Kilbourne, Timme Center for Student Services. We would like to recognize these employees for their extraordinary efforts put forth during the beginning of Fall rush. Colleagues and patrons alike offer their sincerest gratitude for the hard work, dedication, and positive attitudes exhibited by you all.

Julie MaGinnis, Student Employee, Timme Center for Student Services. Julie has been on the "front line" this summer at CSS and is always upbeat, professional and very helpful as she works with the seemingly endless line of students that are trying to tie up these "lose ends" for attending FSU. Thanks Julie!