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Business Services

  1. Motor Pool: Daily use vehicles in addition to long-term leases to FSU departments and Administration.
  2. Motor Pool Garage: Provides service, in conjunction with, repair to motor vehicles and equipment.
  3. Motor Coach (Bus) Operation: Three (3) over-the-road coaches, plus maxi vans.
  4. Mail Services:
    1. Incoming/Outgoing US Mail
    2. Intercampus Document transfers
  5. Campus Services:
    1. Moving - relocation of products and equipment.
    2. Shipping/Receiving - incoming/outgoing freight and provides mail delivery to the campus.
    3. Custodial Product - warehouse and deliver to custodial staff.
    4. Surplus Sales - advertise and sell surplus items of value.
  6. Plant Stores: Order, stock, and dispense maintenance parts to and for the trades.
  7. Surplus Sales:
    1. Vehicles, sold via sealed bid typically in the fall. Advertised via University Wide Notices, Pioneer newspaper, and Tri County Shopper.
    2. Surplus equipment, sold via public sales, on-line store (Marketplace), or on-line auction (eBay,, or trade specific site) dependent upon specific items. Advertisement method and frequency dependent upon method of selling.
    3. Surplus Sales Website


Fonda Kuzee, Interim Business Services Manager