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Research Grant Support - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the funds I seek are considered a grant or a gift to the University?

I need assistance with grants. Who can I contact for help?

What are compensation limits for faculty working on federally sponsored projects?

Where can I get the Ferris UEI and TAX ID numbers?

How do I calculate Indirect Costs for my budget and why should I include them?

  • Indirect Costs (also called Facility and Administrative Costs or F&A) help cover the many ways the University supports your project that can't be directly tied to it. Your project might include the use of University facilities, computers,  processing of stipends or salaries, tracking and requests for reimbursements, travel paperwork, and other forms of grant support.  The University recoups some of these expenses through indirect costs, distributing them to the PI/PD, Department, College, Grants office, Finance Office, and research support fund. See the current distribution table as well as information on how the indirect cost rate is calculated for more assistance.

How do I design a budget to submit with my proposal?

What are the university rates for travel, the use of University equipment, and classrooms?

  • The University produces a rate schedule to identify costs associated with using equipment and classrooms, as well as costs associated with the Copy Center, the use of University vehicles, and per diem rates.

How can I calculate salary and benefits for my budget?

  • You can get your base salary from your Department Staff Assistant, your Dean's Office, or by contacting the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs. Fringe benefits rates for your budget are calculated as a percentage of your base salary (or of stipend salary if applicable), and differ between position types and between summer and the academic year for 9-month faculty.

Can I hire Student Employees and how much can I pay them?

  • Discuss the specifics of how work will be performed on your grant proposal with your Dean or Department Head. The Student Employment Department can determine an individual's eligibility for work. The Department can also discuss rates of pay for student employees.
  • Some individuals would like to pay students who work on their research projects more than the employee wage rate levels identified on the Schedule of Student Employee Wage Rates. Questions regarding allowable levels of pay should be directed to Student Employment: 231-591-2012.
  • The Student Employment site provides general guidelines for student hires, current pay rates and job classifications.

I would like to hire part-time employees for a grant. What are the appropriate pay rates and hiring policies?

Now that I have the grant, what do I do?