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Requirements, Policy, and Appeals

Requirements and Policy

To help students reach their potential, it is the policy of Ferris State University's Board of Trustees that all single students living away from home reside in University residence halls.

Board of Trustees Policy Part 4. Administration and Finance Subpart 4-13 Student Housing

Sec. 4-1301. Provision of On-Campus Residential Housing

It is the intent of the University to provide on-campus residential housing for its student body, and to do so in a manner which will be adequate to meet the future enrollment growth of the University and in a manner that is as economical as reasonably possible.

Sec. 4-1302. Requirement that Students Live in University Residence Halls

Except as otherwise provided in this subpart, all single men and women students under the age of 20 living away from home are required to live in University Residence Halls if space is available.

Sec. 4-1303. Permission to Live Off-Campus

The University's Department of Residential Life shall be responsible for administering the policies, procedures and criteria for permission to live off campus.

Students attending Ferris State University must live on campus unless they meet one of the following requirements for the Academic Year

Have reached the age of 19 prior to September 1


Have lived in Ferris State University residence halls for two full academic semesters (Fall or Spring)


Will live in the permanent home of parents and the home is within 50 road miles of the University.

On campus housing is arranged through the Office of Housing & Residence Life. There are a variety of housing options available to meet students' interests and needs.

Housing and Dining Contract for Residence Halls

Students choosing to attend Ferris State and live in the residence halls must sign a Housing Contract and provide a $200 contract guarantee. It is important to note that the Housing and Dining Contract is a legally binding contract. Students are asked not to sign contracts until they are certain they are able to uphold all of its conditions.

Students sometimes feel they may have extreme circumstances warranting an exception to the Board of Trustees residency policy.

Appeals Information

  •  General Information

    Students are allowed to appeal their housing contract for one of three reasons: Medical, Financial, or Other. You will need to submit all appeals online through your MyHousing (for assistance submitting the appeal, please go to the “Appeal Submission Guidance. Once submitted, the appeal board will review your appeal application and either approve or deny the appeal. All official communication will be sent via your Ferris Email.

    The request for an exception to the residency policy process is a student driven process. Requests for exceptions to the residency requirement must be filed by the student. Students, regardless of age and funding source, are the contract holder with the university. In keeping with guidelines set forth in the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), responses will be provided only to the student making the request.

    We are unable to accommodate in-person meetings or telephone conversations concerning this process. All decisions are reviewed before responses are disseminated; because of this unbiased review by the board, the board's ability to reference and confer with appropriate campus resources on reasonable accommodation, and with a review of the board's recommended outcomes, all decisions of the appeals process are final.

    All Appeals submitted due to student’s online or mixed media classes must be submitted by the university add or drop date.

  •  Appeal Submission Guidance
    1. Login to your “MyFSU”
    2. Click “Student”
    3. Click “[email protected]
    4. Click “Dining & Housing”
    5. Click “MyHousing”
    6. Under contracts, there will be an appeal form.
    7. Submit the form with proper documentation.
    8. You should receive an "appeal receive confirmation email."
    9. Please see the appeal board schedule for the next meeting when appeals will be heard.
  •  Medical Appeal Information

    Ferris State University Housing strives to provide reasonable accommodations to all residents and is able to meet most medical needs. Previous knowledge of medical conditions should have been noted, as requested, on your contract application.

    Students with disabilities or accessibility should contact the Disabilities Service Office at the time of initial enrollment. Requests for specific accommodation should be made at the time of application for housing through MyHousing as well as by contacting the Housing Office directly at 231-591-3745. The Housing Office prides itself on providing specific accommodation for students with disabilities and temporary disabilities.

    Medical appeals will require the following:

    • You must submit/write a letter of appeal discussing what your medical condition is and how your current University housing environment is not accommodating your needs.
    • You must provide a letter from a physician outlining your medical condition and any special accommodation that your condition requires.
      • The ability to provide reasonable accommodation is determined by the University.
      • A physician’s recommendation for off campus accommodation will not necessarily determine a release from contractual obligation.
    • Upload attachments to ensure you are completing your electronic request for your contract cancellation.

    Failure to submit all required documents will result in automatically being denied.

  •  Financial Appeal Information

    Studies have shown that living on campus is truly no more expensive than living off campus when all such relative costs of conveniences are compared. With the added convenience and opportunity for engagement in the university community, the University holds firm the belief that students are more successful when living on campus. Generally speaking, a desire to "save money" by living off campus is not grounds for an exception to the University's residency requirement.

    Financial appeals will require the following:

    • Include previous year’s income tax forms (federal and state) from your parents as well as
    • You must have submitted your FAFSA for the academic year (for semester) in which you are applying.
    • You must submit your Financial Aid Award Summary for the current and upcoming (If appealing for the next academic year) academic year. This can be found on your MyFSU.
    • Please note that Financial Appeals for any fall semester cannot be reviewed until financial aid has been awarded for that semester.
    • Upload your attachments to ensure you are completing your electronic request for your contract cancellation.

    Failure to submit all required documents will result in automatically being denied.

  •  Other Appeal Information

    "Other" appeals will require the following:

    • You must submit/write a letter of appeal detailing the reason for your appeal and provide any supporting documentation.
    • Upload your attachments to ensure you are completing your electronic request for your contract cancellation.

    Failure to submit all required documents will result in automatically being denied.

  •  Appeal Board and Schedule

    In an effort to provide a fair and unbiased review of requests the housing office assembled a peer review board to consider requests for exceptions to the residency requirement. The Appeal board consists of a mix of professional staff and Ferris students.  The board makes recommendations for outcomes to the housing office for final determination. The board and housing office may consult with appropriate university resources as necessary such as the Health Center, Financial Aid Office, Student Financial Services, etc. when making final a determination.

    Below you will see the dates at which the Appeal Board meets.  Any submissions after 5pm on Wednesday of that week, will be heard the following week.  Once a determination has been made by the appeal board you will be provided a written decision via your Ferris student email within 2 business days.  During break periods, holidays, etc. determinations can take longer.

    Fall 2020 Appeal Board Meeting Schedule

    Every Thursday

  •  FAQ

    Q: The appeal board met today, but I didn’t get a response.  Why have I not been given a response?

    A: Determinations are made by the appeal board, and decision letters can take up to 2 business days to be sent via Ferris Email.  IF you did not receive a response after 2 business days have past, please email [email protected].

    Q: I was not approved for my appeal.  Can I appeal again?

    A: Yes, please see your determination letter for more information on submitting an additional appeal.

    Q: I signed a lease for an apartment off campus.  Will housing let me out of the contract?

    A: You can submit an appeal and the appeal board will review your application.  The contract is legally binding (as stated on the first page) and you will be held to the contract.  We would suggest talking to your leasing agent about appealing your off-campus contract as well. 

  •  Seeking Further Assistance?

    If you have further questions about the appeal process, please email [email protected].

  •  Withdrawing from Ferris State University

    Appealing your housing and dining contract is not necessary if you are withdrawing from the university. You will want to email [email protected] to alert us to your upcoming withdrawal.