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Directed Studies Program (DIST)

Build New Momentum in Directed Studies

Directed Studies is a probationary program designed to help students obtain good academic standing and become eligible for acceptance into their desired program. All Directed Studies students, with the assistance of an academic advisor, are expected to develop an individualized program of study to reach eligible academic status. In addition, students are required to meet the conditions of the Directed Studies contract. This is not a degree-granting program but rather a probationary program that provides academic support as the student works to make the necessary changes to qualify for their program of choice. The Directed Studies program includes two - 1 credit classes that help students strengthen their academic skills in a variety of topics. Students are required to take DIST 100 (Directed Studies Seminar). Students who maintain eligibility at Ferris but still cannot be admitted to their program of choice must continue in the Directed Studies program and take DIST 101 (Directed Studies Seminar 2).

Completion of courses linked to Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) workshops, foundation courses and General Education courses enable students to select a program leading to an associate or bachelor degree. Additional information on the Directed Studies Program is available from the Developmental Programs and Curriculum department.

Program Requirements

DIST 100/101 - Directed Studies Seminars, 1 or 2 Credit Hours

General Education

Students may complete their class schedules by enrolling in courses from the College of Arts, Sciences and Education which will meet the University-wide general education requirements of Communication Competence (9 credit hours), Scientific Understanding (7 credit hours), Quantitative Skills (3-4 credit hours), Cultural Enrichment (9 credit hours), and Social Awareness (9 credit hours). Students are advised to determine which general education courses also meet requirements for programs they are considering prior to enrollment.

Program Curriculum Information

Dr. Jason Bentley
Dean of University College
(231) 591-2428
[email protected]

Application, Registration and Orientation Questions

Shelly VandePanne
Director of Academic Student Success
(231) 591-2360
[email protected]