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Club Golf at Ferris State


The purpose of this RSO and Club Sport is to continue the opportunity to play after a high school level in competitive golf. We are a very competitive organization looking to instill a good name in the NCCGA, our national organization, National Collegiate Club Golf Association.

Club Golf is determined to keep the desire to play competitive golf past the high school level. We strive to create a strong team bond that will establish long lasting connections for the future.

Depending on the number of applicants we receive we will either conduct tryouts or have separate tryouts by playing with E Board Members.

Contact Club Golf

Bulldog Connect Profile: Club Golf
Phone Number: (906) 440-7691
Email: r[email protected] 

More about Club Golf at Ferris State

We are very competitive, but we like to have fun while doing it. Our group is separated because golf can be both an individual sport and a team. We capture both through our organization NCCGA, or National Club Golf Association. Students will gain the opportunity to network with students on the team and as well in our Regional Tournaments.

We currently fundraise through our national organization, NCCGA.