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University Recreation Climbing Wall

No experience necessary. Stop by and ask questions and try climbing for free. Climbing wall waiver is required.

Climbing wall is closed for the summer. Will re-open August 23rd

Climbing Wall Rules

  1. Climbers and belayers must complete waivers and contracts before participating.
  2. Belayers must complete the Climbing Wall Certification Test verified by UREC Climbing Wall staff before belaying.
  3. Belayers MUST use anchors at all times.
  4. No outside equipment (except climbing shoes).
  5. No chalk: liquid or powder.
  6. No jewelry on hands or arms.
  7. Follow your line to the top.
  8. No bare feet or sandals.
  9. All Participants must wear shirts.
  10. No food, gum, or beverages (except water in an enclosed container).
  11. Climbing wall supervisor MUST be present to climb on wall.
  12. Do not step on climbing rope or climbing equipment.
  13. Climbing wall supervisor must check knots and harness.
  14. Only figure 8 knots with locking carabiners can be used to tie climbers on to rope.
  15. Only a D locking carabiner is used to connect the belay device to the belayers harness.
  16. Climbers must use verbal contracts before climbing: The climber sas "Belay on," belayer replies, "On belay." Climber says, "Climbing" and the belayer replies, "Climb on."
  17. Report any unsafe conditions (loose holds, worn ropes & equipment), accidents, or injuries to the climbing wall staff.
  18. No loud or offensive behavior.
  19. ALWAYS check, double check, and triple check the climber's knot, harness and the belay system before EACH climb
  20. Make suggestions of route changes to the climbing wall staff


University Recreation and climbing wall staff reserve the right to suspend any individual permanently or for a specified amount of time for unsafe or inappropriate conduct if rules are not followed.