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Fitness Coaches

Meet our Fitness Coaches

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Alison Reinig

Alsion Reinig

Hi, everyone! My name is Alison. I am one of the wellness and fitness coaches at the Student Recreation Center. I am freshmen studying Biology and Pre-Dental. I have played sports most of my life and worked out occasionally here and there. It wasn't until a year ago I started working out consistently and fell in love with the results. I've worked with a trainer for both body building and strength training, so I know the benefits of getting help. I'm an upbeat and positive person, so I can't wait to get started with you and help you progress in your fitness journey!

Kenny Smith

Kenny Smith

Hello, everyone! My name is Kenny. I am junior majoring in Healthcare System Administration. I've focused my life around healthy living and have been strength training for 8 years. I started competing in 2017 and am currently a world record-holding power lifter. I've also previously competed in bodybuilding where I placed first in my division. Through my years of training I've acquired an array of knowledge that I think would be beneficial for others to incorporate into their lifestyles and exercise. I've developed a passion for training and would love to help others gain that same passion. 

Taylor schroeder


Hi, everyone! My name is Taylor. I'm studying Sonography with a Bachelor's in Allied Health Sciences. I played soccer for my whole life and when that ended and COVID started, I began working out at home which lead me to start lifting. It wasn't until last year that I started making it a part of my daily routine to workout. It really helps to relieve stress and it gives me a break from school. I cannot wait to get started and help motivate you to workout!

John Spero


Hello! I am John Spero. I am currently a sophomore studying Construction Management. My whole life I have played hockey and lacrosse and grew up working out for theses sports. When I came to Ferris, I joined the club hockey team and continued to workout at the SRC. I enjoy working out because I know it betters myself both physically and mentally. I am excited to be coaching within this new program and I hope I can help you achieve your goals in fitness.