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Strategic Goal: With students at the center of everything we do, Ferris will continue to demonstrate our commitment to their success through recruitment in targeted markets, integrated support services, and intentional career development experiences.

Initiative 1

Expand access through targeted recruitment efforts.

Action Steps

  • SS 1.1:  Coordinate University-wide recruitment strategies focused on specific performance indicators and inclusive of all recruitment areas (Big Rapids, statewide, online, KCAD, and international). 
  • SS 1.2:  Develop and commit to a targeted, measurable internationalization plan that prepares the University to thrive in a global economy and society. The plan will address study abroad, faculty development, curriculum development, on-campus global engagement, international student recruitment and retention, an inclusive environment for international stakeholders, faculty/scholar exchanges, and alumni engagement.
  • SS 1.3:  Increase enrollment of adult, master’s degree, and Pell-eligible students as well as graduates of the Michigan Career and Technical schools.

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Signs of Our Success -

  • An annually reviewed, adaptive recruitment strategy is in use across the entire University system by October 2020.
  • Enrollment of targeted populations in 2024 is 10 percent higher than it was in 2019.
  • The internationalization plan is complete and implementation of key components has begun by Fall 2020.
Progress and Updates -
  • An internationalization plan has begun in early 2020 led by Piram Prakasam, Director of International Education.

Initiative 2

Champion degree completion and ensure a clear path to success.

Action Steps

  • SS 2.1:  Write a University-wide retention plan focused on eliminating barriers to success, increasing student involvement, and cultivating a sense of belonging.
  • SS 2.2:  Advising task force recommendations are updated and key components implemented by Fall 2021.
  • SS 2.3:  Sustain and strengthen our identity-based centers to provide academic and retention-based support.
  • SS 2.4:  Apply for student success grants that provide resources for further retention efforts.

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Signs of our Success -

  • A retention plan is complete and key components are implemented by December 2020.
  • Advising Task Force recommendations are updated and implemented by August 2021.
  • Ferris receives at least one multi-million dollar student success grant (such as a Strengthening Institutions or Trio Grant).
  • The percentage of full-time students who complete and pass 24 credits or more in their first year increases.
  • Retention and graduation rates increase each year.
 Progress and Updates -

Initiative 3

Position career readiness and ExperienceShips at the center of a Ferris State education.

Action Steps 
  • SS 3.1:  Identify and provide the resources necessary to expand ExperienceShip opportunities for students.
  • SS 3.2:  Provide faculty support to further embed career readiness competencies into courses.
  • SS 3.3:  Expand the use of alumni employers to work with students one-on-one to help them shape their career paths.
  • SS 3.4:  Focus our marketing and recruitment on our identity as an ExperienceShip university.

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Signs of  our Success -

  • Career Education has increased engagement with first- and second-year students through classroom integration, personal appointments, events, or experiences by May 2021.
  • The graduate job placement rate in degree-related careers increases.
  • The percentage of graduates who complete ExperienceShips increases every year.
Progress and Updates -
  • Task force to determine Experienceship definitions and processes of becoming an Experienceship has been created in the winter of 2019. 

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