Key Strategic Targets

The Ferris Forward Strategic Plan is designed to help Ferris sustain its mission and enhance its unique career-oriented educational niche. Over the life of The Plan, Ferris State University will need to meet the enrollment declines in the state of Michigan head-on with targeted recruitment strategies and intentional growth in the areas that will best serve our students and their future careers. The Plan focuses on five strategic areas identified through extensive community listening sessions: Academic Programs and Offerings, Student Success, Institutional Effectiveness, Pride and Community, and Enhancing Resources. With mindful implementation of The Plan and its recommended action steps, Ferris State University will achieve the following key targets by 2024.


Increase Student Enrollment to 13,000 by 2024.


Increase on-line student credit hours by 5 percent annually.

3 New

Three new market-driven programs are added to the curriculum each year.


Increase the overall first-year retention rate to 75 percent.


Increase international student enrollment to 300.


Increase minority enrollment
by 3 percent annually.


Increase FTIAC students with a GPA of 3.5 or above in 2024 by 3%.


Net price increases no more than 2 percent annually.


Increase the percentage of students with Experienceships to 75% by 2024.


Improve the overall six-year graduation rate for full-time FTIAC bachelor degree-seeking students to 65 percent.


Actively engage twenty-five thousand alumni with the University.

$1 Million

Revenue from academic
grants increases by
$1,000,000 annually.

$115 Million

Complete the comprehensive campaign goal of $115 million
by 2022.

***Last Updated 12/10/2020***