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Treatment Services Available

Prescription Lenses

The Michigan College of Optometry Clinic operates an optical dispensary. Should a patient of the Pediatrics and Binocular Vision Service require spectacles as part of their care, the their spectacle prescription can be filled at the University Eye Center. Additionally, the College of Optometry has a full Cornea - Contact Lens Service, should that mode of treatment be preferred.

Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals

In those rare instances when a child may have, for example, a bacterial eye infection or "pink eye," our staff doctors can both diagnose the problem and prescribe the medications necessary to treat the condition.

Vision Therapy

Many of the types of vision problems encountered by patients cannot be resolved solely with lenses and will not satisfactorily resolve on their own over time. For these reasons, the Pediatric and Binocular Vision Service provides comprehensive vision therapy services. To optimize visual skills, a prescribed program of appropriately selected and coordinated visual activities, usually performed both at home and in our clinic, is often necessary. This treatment approach is effective for a variety of diagnosed visual problems, including strabismus and amblyopia, accommodative or focusing problems, difficulties maintaining comfortable alignment of the eyes, and problems with visual information processing (visual perceptual) skills such as visual memory or visual-motor integration (eye-hand coordination). Many of these same vision therapy activities are also utilized to enhance the visual abilities of persons who desire improved sports or occupational skills.

For an appointment call (231) 591-2020