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Binocular Vision Examination

Any Age

The Binocular Vision Examination is designed to thoroughly assess the coordinated control of the two eyes. Most commonly this is associated with strabismus (misaligned eyes) or amblyopia (lazy eye). However, there are several less severe causes of poor eye coordination which may impact on a child's or adult's comfort and quality of vision. The goal of this clinic is to provide special glasses or contact lens correction, eye movement exercises, and/or co-management with a strabismus surgeon. Counseling for the patient and parents and informative reports for teachers and other health care providers are also provided.

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By referral only.

If you do not have a referral from a teacher or other doctor, please ask to speak with one of the pediatric faculty. It may be necessary to order past records or complete a questionnaire before an appointment can be made. This policy has been put in place to avoid performing duplicate or unnecessary procedures.